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Katy Darling

Gorgeous layout Karen, love the journalling, it's great that you've got those thoughts down on paper as they could have so easily been forgotten. Very inspiring.

sarah green

Very, very cool layout!! Am loving the scalloped paper and the large stamp... might have to google that one!!


This is completly perfect and beautiful.


Karen...this is just the scallops, love the son is only 20 months...i just can't imagine him going to a broke my heart reading your journaling...!

I always love, love, love your work girl!!! I'm still dying over that paper - can I buy it in bulk? LOL! And...your stuff up at Jenni Bowlin's site is awesome! Love seeing your layouts! I wish you'd post one every day! Hehehee! Great work!


Wow! This LO is amazing! Cool photo corner idea! I absolutely love it and can't wait for your new stuff to come out! I need, need, need that paper! You totally inspire me to create...I hate when that happens at work! LOL!


Love it!! Little Ross is getting so grown up!!!

Jenn N

Another great layout - really beautiful. I was just going to ask about the scalloped edges and then read through the post. Weren't you using some type of punch a while seems like I read it here.

Mary L.

Gosh, I love this Karen!! I too have a 14 year old who just graduated from middle school and is headed to high school. Scary, huh? I may have to copy your idea here and I certainly can't wait to get my hands on some of your new papers! Awesome!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This layout totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much.


Love the layout :)

I love the fact that you did this layout the NIGHT OF the event! Geez, if only I could be so inspired! Great layout, Karen. Can't wait to get my hands on some of your new products...And regarding the 8th grade dance...yep, I remember that oldest, arm around his gal pal, posing for photos with a Harley at Hedrick he's been graduated from COLLEGE for two years!!! Time flies, capture it and enjoy it NOW! Love ya!


totally GORGEOUS layout Karen!!

Tanya Webster

no boys in this house (four girls) but the sentiment behind the journaling truly made my heart ache...what a beautiful words to do it justice! How ARE you making those photo corners girl? love the idea!! T


Awesome! Congratulations to Ross! His girl is pretty cute too!


Scalloped ledger paper? Be still my heart!! ; ) Love this, karen, especially the sentiment!


What a heartfelt layout, I totally love it. I love that you put down in words what I hear in my heart :)


Love the layout, Karen!
And, scalloped ledger paper.......YUMMY!!


wow...this is certainly one of the best posts I've read in a long time. wow! what a lucky ross ( a great mom and a cute girl!) did josh miss the graduation or is this from before he left?


sigh...soooo sweet! pls bring TONS of this new paper if/when you come to the Scrapbk Oasis in Irvine, CA...this one (as with ALL of your others) will FLY outta there!!!! LOVE it!


Must. Have. That. Paper.

Sweet layout too :)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

very very cool!


awwww! What a precious memory.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this LO, Karen! I must must must have that paper! White, scalloped ledger paper! Be still my heart! I think Carly will need to order cases of it! LOL!


LOVE this Karen...Love it! You have such a way with design and I NEED to get me all of your new stuff coming out! What is the metal thing at the top? And did you make the photo corner???? Love it all-you are too good!

That paper and stamp ROCKS!! Love it!!


Goodness me I LOVE that paper- I mean yahoooo like kind of love- an I need to run and find it as soon as it comes out kind of love!!

GREAT page too- I so agree about the scrappping too- just getting down the little things in life.

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