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I'm exhausted just reading about the trip (and I'd write a letter to the airlines about the nice airport employee and the "not so nice" one!)


Whew!! What a trip, so glad you made it. I agree with the poster above, you really should write a letter. I had to do this and got a really nice response, so I think it helps.

'so good smooching him' this just made me smile!! :)


OH I'm dying over the "my baby-daddy" comment.. too funny.. (I'd a done the same thing!... less explaining) glad everything turned out so well! :)


Yay! So happy that the flight went well (with the exception of evil woman #1) and I love knowing all the little details! : )

Mary Ann

what a sweet story (minus the mean lady @ the airport) and, what a sweet pic of Annie and her Baby Daddy LOL!!! Glad the trip turned out well, and congrats to Josh.


congrats on josh's graduation!! and kudos to your for trekkin' it with an infant...i've been there, done that!! it was all well worth it for that photo!!


What a gorgeous photograph!
So pleased your flight went well.

Lynn Anne

Love the image of the face-grabbing. How totally sweet!

Just wanted to say how much fun I'm having with the Karen Russell challenges at ScrapLovers...JUST realized they were there, & I'm taking advantage of amnesty week BIG time! LOL. Love working with transparencies, & love all the new ideas. Very cool!

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