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Looks like a great evening, fun time for all. Yes Josh cracks me up too! Love that you guys have so much joy, you totally deserve it :)


After reading your post, and sympathizing with your lack of sleep, I felt compelled to share my snoring story. My husband is a former chain-saw snorer as well. As it turned out, he had sleep apnea. Once I got him to a doctor and they did the sleep study to confirm it, they put him on a sleep machine at night. Now he no longer snores, and I sleep peacefully at night! If you're curious about sleep apnea, you can look it up online or email me and I can tell you some signs to watch for. Good luck!


I can definitely sympathize with the lack of sleep and snoring. Having a baby that is still not sleeping through the night at five months and a husband that snores, I sometimes wonder how I make it through each day just to do the nighttime again! A swift kick and a rollover usually work for me (for the husband, not the baby)Still working on the baby, though!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

OMG! That's something my husband would say too. LOL
But he also knows "if momma's not happy, nobody's happy."
Hope you get a restful night.


I still think alien Josh (with the antennas) is the best photo, but this one is a close second! LOL! Feel better soooooon!


that Josh Downs - pretty brave guy, eh? Cute photos,Karen. Hope you're feeling better.

kendra mccracken

That photo of Josh jumping is so funny! Love the humor of it. So glad to have found you have a blog!!!


Looks like fun!

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