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Sounds like a fun weekend! Can hardly wait till you come down here to No Bare Pages!! Just took a class there from Ali Edwards and she used a ton of your stuff! To cool :O) I think I will have to dance on a table at your next class just to make you laugh!! ha ha


Thank you sooooo much for coming to teach! Not to be cheesy, but I'm feeling such a renewed sense of inspiration since saturday! We all had such a great time and we can't wait for you to come visit us again!
Thank you Karen!


It was awesome to see you, K2, even if only for a leetle while. Next time . . . we dance! (or something) Can I see you when I come to Oregon in August? I'll call - we'll chat! MWAH


Karen,thank you so much for coming to LM to teach. Great glass and great teacher. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm all jazzed to scrapbook again! I've been doing the simple layouts lately and you inspired me to go back to my original style of simple shabby. Thanks again and hope you come back to Washington to teach.

Julie Norton


so great to meet you :)

Valerie O

Hey Karen,
Your class was AWESOME and I had a wonderful time. Looking forward to your new journaling stuff. Come back up this way again soon! Have fun in Oregon!
Valerie from Seattle


Karen, so loved your class and the chance to play. Great getting to know you better, and looking forward to seeing you up our way! :)


You are too cute!! I always do my hair up fancy and then wham it's ina ponytail too- gotta love ponytails!! LOL Thanks again for a wonderful wonderful class!! I had an amazing time!!

Shannon (e-scrapper)

Kate just sent me here---oh my heck, you are too kind, Karen.. :D ..thank you so much!! It was such a pleasure to meet you & have lunch--my only regret is that I didn't arrive at the store in time to see all the table-dancing.. ((snapping-fingers-in-a-chagrined-fashion)).. ;-)


Your class was amazing! I loved all the techique and you are such a great instructor. So inspiring! I {heart} transparencies.


What a fun class! :) Thanks so much for coming to TOM, Karen! I'm feeling a little cheesy like, Carly. Feeling so renewed and inspired to scrapbook even more! Love the table dancing photos! Some people will do anything for free stuff! Won't they? LOL!


a reserge of confidence

These are all things that I wanted from my class with you and you had no idea that I was in need....but you are gracious and allowed me to take what I needed.

I have to tell you that I came straight home and designed the companion pages for the layouts you did with us. I was in great spirits and felt really grounded with my projects. I have scans of the pages but don't know how to post them to you on the blog.

Thanks more than you know....hope to have you in Canada one day soon

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