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Tanya Webster

wow, wow, wow to all your last few posts....little miss annie is growing up....i hate it and love it when they do that all at once....i am a weirdo!! love your bracelet...very special!! :) Have a great weekend!!! T


Coley and I share a birthday... very cool (how silly am I?)

Great news about Annie.. horrible Josh had to miss it!

Love the bracelet..

Am totally itchin' to get my Jenni Bowlin kit this month knowing it has some of your goodies in it!!! :)

Terri B

Love the paper die-cuts! Will be anxiously awaiting their debut! September seems a long way off, but I am sure the summer will fly by, it always seems to, expecially here in the Northwest, where it really hasn't begun yet!

Dena Coe  (MomtoZoe)

Ok Just read all of your blog that I have been missing and can I applaud Ross for #1 singing in front of stage in front of all those people by himself and #2. for covering a great band!!! Love Floater and DH's band back in the day used to play gigs with them hehe..
so it is cool to see another generation of kids catching on to them....

and if Miss Annie doesnt slow down, girl you are going to have another teenager before you know it...

cant believe how fast she is growing!

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