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Tonia must be soooo excited KAren! Have a great time with your honey and good luck with the flights! :)

Deb S

Have a great time Karen! I'm sure you are so excited to see Josh! Congrats to him! Love the photo of you and your little cutie-pie!!


That is a beautiful picture of you and little Anne!
Have a very good time, hope the plane ride isn't too
much and Annie sleeps through the whole thing.


I love it when your cheesy makes me feel better when I am LOL! Congrats on getting to see Josh soon and I will pray that Annie sleeps well for you!

Tanya Webster

ooooo, my prayers are with you on the flight and I am sooo happy this being apart from your man is almost over....lots of love and happiness your way Karen!!! :) T


Ooof, Karen, I hope it goes really, really well! Benadryl??


What a beautiful photo! You ladies are looking lovely. :)

I hope the flights go well and you have a sweet reunion with your man. Congratulations to him on graduation! :)


Well by now the flight is over so I hope it all went well for you! You just be as cheesey as you want, I love my man too! :)

PS great photo of you and Annie!!


What a totally gorgeous picture!

Wanda E. Santiago

Hope you had a good flight she is sp precious!! Hugs Wanda

Mary Edwards

Have a great time Karen!

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