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Oh, Karen! That is SO SWEET!!!!! What a thoughtful guy you have! Thank you for having the strength to let him serve our country and A BIG THANK YOU to him for doing what he does!!!!! Such a great start today by reading your blog! Have a good one! MargieH


Ok you know I am a total sentimental gal, so what a great thing to read 1st thing in the morning!!

I love the way you speak of Josh, I think if we all did more of that instead of complaining marriages would be much better, coming from another gal with a great guy!


OMG, Karen, I have a guy just like. So happy you have found the same. They really are special. **sigh**

Valerie White

You TOTALLY deserve it all. Soak it in and if it gets on the last nerve of someone else maybe they will realize too that one day it could be them : )


Laura Carter

This is EXACTLY what you deserve!!!!! So so happy for you! I got one of those amazing guys too! YAY! Don't you think it's the coolest thing that they better they are to you, the better you want to be in return to them and it becames this incredible never ending circle of love?! Love it! Love it! Love it! When you miss him just keep yourself focused on how wonderful his homecoming will be :) Thanks for the happy blog today! - Laura


Now that man is a keeper! Thanks for reminding us bitter single girls that it can happen. :) Wishing you both a long life of loving each other. :)


Wow - He is so sweet. I'm sorry you have to be apart, but thank you and him for your sacrifice.


So, so glad you have such happiness in your life!!!


awww...that is like the sweetest thing ever! how wonderful!


that is just SO sweet :)


Omg, is he for real???!!! LOL. What a freakin' sweetheart he is!! Thank you Josh for supporting our country and thank YOU Karen for your family's strength!!! :-)


How wonderfully thoughtful he is! He must really have thought these things out beforehand! How blessed you are! And thanks to both of you for your sacrifice of service to our country! Bless you both!

sarah green

What a guy... and what a lucky girl you are... you should seriously think about cloning him!!!!


It is so great to have such a great guy! I am one of those women who most get sick of hearing how great my guy is but it's true so bless their hearts. And we've been married 22 years now!


Tu dis ra, bien de chaud chez toi!




You didn't get on my nerves you brought tears to my eyes! Lucky you!


You definitely have an awesome guy, Karen! How sweet it is to read about men that do these things in real life! ((( HUGS ))) from me until he returns and can give you many real ones!


You SCREAM it from the top of the mountains sister.
Your man is awesome.
You are awesome.
You derserve to be loved as he loves you.

And all your friends will be looking on with smiles on their faces, a tear in their eye and a warmth in their hearts.

Rock ON!
Bek x

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