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Well, that's a nice story for a Friday morning. I remember thinking that those gentlemen (as you call them) were trying to ask us a question and thinking, boy they are not going to get anywhere if they keep speaking Portugese! I was thinking the best of them too, maybe it's cause you never think something bad will actually happen to you. Well, I use to think that, now I'm much more paranoid than I use to be. I seriously don't remember saying we were going to get kidnapped and sold, but I don't doubt that I said it, so sounds like me being a smart a$$. Also, I think it was Jason who said, "you two are so smart individually, but when you are together your cumulative IQ goes down by like 50 points." It is so sad but true, but we have a heck of a lot of STUPID fun!!

Tawni Henlin

You are soooo right, hindsight is 20/20! You are so lucky to have a lifelong friend like Jill, and her husband puts up with you to boot, how perfect can that be? Your storytelling is superb, thanks for the smile on a rainy Friday morning.


You don't even have to be a tourist outside the country to be robbed ... when I was 15 - I went to Hawaii with my folks and a friend. We were just outside of Honolulu and walking from the beach to our condo. A good looking young boy was following us and (like you & Jill) we were giggling and thinking how nice that he was taking a walk too. My friend has a purse with her (yes, we were suntanning and you don't really need a purse to get a tan - but we were teenagers and I don't know what we were thinking) and she's swinging it back and forth while we're singing or something silly. Suddenly, he sprints towards us (we have no idea) and grabs her purse and is gone! We never recovered her stuff, but what a lesson to me ... always make sure your friend has the purse, not you! Glad you kept all fingers and toes.


Just to clarify ... I'm joking about the purse. ;)

Tanya Webster

hey, am i the only one out there that the right side of this is cut off for a few of your last posts??? I am missing stuff and that just cannot happen!! HELP!!!! T


What a story ! I was laughing and feeling sorry for you at the same time ! Why don`t you come to Germany one day, beautiful country and no robbers around here !


Glad that you are still alive to tell the story. too bad about the camera and all the cool photos you don't have....


how in the world you made a robbery attack hysterically funny i will never know. you have a gift! LOL but of course, the robbery itseld not so funny...just the before & after. you have such a great outlook. lesson: do not help strangers up the stairs. :)

Amy O'Neil

OK, terrifying robbery aside...that was a great story! You are the best storyteller! Too too funny!

Yikes!!! Sorry that had to happen to put a stain on your trip!

Hey can you do me a favor??? I'm in Australia and haven't contacted the person that won a page from me. I'm sure she's thinking I'm a total loser by now (and rightly so!!) but I can't seem to send email out from here. Can you email my person for me and tell her I'll be in contact MUCHO PRONTO-A-MENTE as soon as I hit the US dirt this coming weekend?!?!?!

To my person, if you happen to read, I'm really sorry.....I'll make it up to you, PROMISE!! :)



I was shocked when you told us the story when you visited but just so glad it was just your personal stuff that was stolen and nothing worse! Glad you can laugh a little bit about it now...and heck you got a better camera out of it as I guess good things can come out a bad situations!!! ;)


Hi Karen

I heard about your unfortunate visit to Bahia....I don't know if you will remember me...I was at your class in Sao Paulo, the girl that gave you and Jill the bookmarks....
I am so sorry to know about your bad experience in our country...but you never know when something like this will happen....
My nephew was robbed at the New York subway, all his money and never know when or where...
But I am really sorry for that!
My best wishes and congratulations for the new baby girl!!
Love your pages!


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