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She is so darling Karen! I've been thinking about your with Josh gone - I hope all is well! I can't even imagine how hard it would be!


We call them zerberts too - and I call a pacifier a 'soother' (Canadian in me maybe?). Love that you're going to tape Annie - what a thoughtful gesture for Josh.


Love the new banner and the cute little comments abou the baby, and yes in our family we call it a zerbert to.

heidi larsen

what a cutie pie! i love it when babies laugh. i am glad that your fundraiser went so well. i tried to donate money but couldn't get the paypal thing to work.

Tanya Webster

we totally call it zerberts in our house too....karlee (she's two) makes me laugh so hard when she says it..."mommy, zurbut my tummy!!"....Annie is totally starting to look like her mommy! such a cutie pie!!! :) T


Oh, how I love baby laughs! Harper laughed for Cole for the first time ever, and I sure wish we had that on tape. Annie is so darling! Remind me what size she's wearing now??


Oh yeah, know all about zerberts here! I think I got the term from Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show, way back when . . . :)

Deb Seenblock

OMG Karen, Annie is such a dolly!! Soo so cute....

Chris B

I'm certainly familiar with the term zerbert, but most people around here say raspberry. Personally I can't stand them, fow whatever reason. Maybe it's because I can't actually do them.


Oh she is just too cute Karen!!!!!! ;)


Oh she is just too cute Karen!!!!!! ;)


Love this photo of her, ok so how many did you shoot to get this good one! See I was listening in class :)

I was totally lost when you were talking about zerberts, when I finally figured it out I just laughed. Where in the world did that name come from???

Ann I

My family has called them "zerberts" too! :)

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