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Such a true statement there at the end.

It's originally a Disney World tradition, but it helps kids get the time/waiting idea---have you considered making a paper chain? My son is 4 and loves to help make them and then we hang it in the kitchen. After dinner, we rip one and then count how many are left. The little ones will get it as the chain gets smaller and smaller.

Just an idea.

Peace, DK

Patti Bosworth

Ah, dear Karen, thanks to you and Josh for your commitment and sacrifice. I hope you find comfort in your fabulous kiddos during this time when Josh is away. My heart feels for you. My daughter was married in July and in December, my son-in-law left for Iraq. I'm so proud of them and their commitment to their country; until Ben came into our lives we took the military and their families for more.


Wow...6 long weeks for him too, I'm sure. You're in my thoughts as you juggle everything without him. I thought the fundraiser was a great thing...and was excited to win a prize package...icing on the cake. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Jen B

The paper chain works for us. We do it every week until Lori gets home. It helps our 5 and our 3 year old a lot. Your family are in my prayers. And thank you both for your sacrifice for a wonderful country we have today. My cousin is leaving his 6 week old little girl next week for a year in Iraq. One day at a time, just one day at a time that is all we can do. I hope you can suround yourself with your family and friends right now. Just know that you have so many of us out here in blog world that are thinking of you.
By the way your kits ROCK!!!!!!!


My Dh just got home after being gone for 14 hindsight it goes quickly, no matter how daunting it was at the start.

Take each day as it comes and take up people's kind offers of help. It helped keep me sane.


Brooke and I have missed your blogging.

We are proud of you for what an amazing job you did on the fundraiser.

Hugs to you and the kids while Josh is gone. Call if you want to chat!

Misti and Brookie


I was totally going to suggest the paper chain thing too! It's a military family life staple! The first time we used it, my husband was gone for a year when my boys (now 16 & 14) were 2 & 3. We made it a ritual each night and it seemed to work pretty well...for mom too! Best's not an easy time, but it will help you grow stronger (as a person, and as a couple).


Thinking of you and the kiddos, just wanted you to know ya all are in my prayers :)

Heather (in Scotland)

What a cool idea with the paper chain - I'd not heard of that before!

Karen - all the best to you and yours as you spend 6 weeks apart.

And appreciation to Jen B's cousin and all those others making sacrifices.


Big Hugs Karen! It's not easy being away from the ones we love. I will pray that the times passes quickly for you both.


just stumbled across your blog and had to tell you how much i LOVE the title of it. i was just thinking about this last night. maybe the plan i had for myself wasn't meant for me...and i just need to accept that. good to know i'm not alone.

Tanya Webster

oooooh...i so feel for you....i ache inside literally thinking about you right now...I have only been apart from my husband for 12 days and it was literally one of the hardest times in my life sooooooo, i will be praying for you, ALOT. Maybe you need to come up to St. Helens for a good ole fashioned scrapbooking weekend ???? just a thought!! Take care girl...I will pray for time to go quickly for you!! T


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