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laura t.

congrats on exceeding your wildest dreams goal! It's been amazing to see how the rally snowballed and your hardwork has paid off BIG!
I'll cross my fingers for a prize but will be happy on Mother's Day nonetheless knowing that women somewhere else on the globe may benefit from this amazing gift you guided.

Tanya Webster

SOOO excited you hit that 10,000 excited about so many people jumping at this opportunity you created....if you need help in ANY way with this whole thing please say so OK? I am totally serious!! Anything I can do to help you!! :) T


That is so great Karen! Wow! People are so awesome! (:


Karen glad you made it home safely. And $10,000 WOW you go girl! Thanks for the great fundraiser my mothers day will be brighter because of it (just knowing that my donation is helping someone else)

Kristina Proffitt

YAY! I'm so glad it hit $10,000!! So amazing, Karen! Thanks for all of your hard work! I bet it's so amazing seeing something you've put your heart into go so far! Such a cool thing! :)


congrats on making your goal and congrats to all of the people who donated! it's all good!

deb munn

Wow Karen... that's so amazing!




phew! just got in under the line! Congrats on raising so much for such a worthy cause!


That is SOOOOO Fantastic that you reached 10,000 Karen!! WOW! You should be so proud! Way to go!


I hope I made it in time. I sent the funds at 11 pm Pacific Time, since I'm a CA girl. Just found out about this, and I think it's really cool! Congrats on all you've accomplished!


Karen Russell, can I just say "you rock"? :) Have an awesome day!

Lisa Spiegel

Congratulations on your awesome achievement! I am so proud to be a part of this fantastic project! Have a great day!

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