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That is just so AWESOME.


Karen, thank you SO MUCH for coordinating this effort. Makes us all feel good to be a part of it, and we owe that to you. I can't imagine the work involved. You are a true gem. Thank you. :) Lisa


you are the best for coordinating this Karen! Happy Mothers Day!


Karen -- thank you so much for all of your hard work! I am really glad I can be part of this and I'm glad to know we are doing something good for women who really need it. Happy Mother's Day -- I hope you enjoy it!

Karen Carter

Awesome! Thanks for pulling this together. Happy Mother's Day!

Valerie White

Thank you so much Karen for coming up with this idea...there are so many winners in this...the women who will be receiving assistance, the women who gave of their time and money and us women who are winners. It has taken time and energy to do all of this and you will surely be rewarded too.


Happy Mother's Day! Is that the coolest gift or what? The gift that keeps on giving.


look at that :)

Debi Boring

THANK YOU Karen...for all your hard work! Oh my goodness girl! Where DO you get all your energy? This is SOOOO fabulous, what you've done! SO... Ya gonna make this an annual event? If so, please LMK how I can help. It's such a wonderful idea, helping so many!

And THANK YOU to all the faboo gals that have donated their time and supplies to make us our very own layouts! Wow! You guys REALLY ROCK!!!! Oh.. and of course, another THANK YOU to the very generous companies too! You are the best!

I have truely never seen any community so giving as the Scrapbook Community. You guys make me feel all fuzzy inside *Ü*

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!


Tanya Webster

Wow...I cant even imagine how much time and effort you put into this and for SUCH an amazing cause...I feel honored to know you and to be able to participate...words cannot express how amazing I think you are! Happy Mommy's Day to you!!! T

Wanda E. Santiago

You have made my day in many ways!! I am so happy I was a small part of this!! Hugs Wanda


Awesome Job Karen! You wont just be laying straight in bed at night, you can float right on top of it!

Congratulations and TY so much for coordinating such a big thing that will ultimately help so many..... big Aussie Hugs headin your way girl.......... whhooooooo hooo I won a LO too!!! hehhehe Never won anything before, oh except $5 on a lottery scratchy!!


Rhonda Hess

Karen...You are amazing! But then, I've thought tht for a long time! This was an awesome endevor. Thank you so much!

Bek ~ Aussie Chick

You are brilliant.
Me... not so much.
Paypal would not accept my information.
I couldnt make a dontation.
I tried heaps of times.
BUT... I can make a donation directly!
Thankyou for raising the profile of these womens plights. YOU ROCK.


Congratulations Karen on such an amazing effort!!! So so glad to have been apart of this!

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