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This is going to be an amazing fundraiser. Thanks for all your efforts in leading with this!


Ok so I forgot exactly what I said except.... this is totally cool!

corinne delis

HI there, I just love this idea and just went to paypal to send you a small token.



What a SUPER COOL idea! This is GREAT as are all of you!

Linda A. (elendae)

WOW! I am totally blown away by that list - it is a "Who's Who" of the scrapbooking industry!! This is a wonderful project and I will definitely be making a contribution! Thank you for organizing this, Karen - it must have taken a tremendous effort to pull it all together!

Julie Marshall

This is an amazing and generous project. Kudos to you for putting it together and to all the wonderful artists and companies that are making it possible. Women Rock!

Julie Howard

Wow, what an awesome project!!
Wish I could make a donation by some other method though.


sounds like a blast!!! count me in!

Lori Gentile

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is just an amazing fundraiser! You have been one busy gal. Thank you for organizing this. AMAZING!

Kristina Proffitt

Such a wonderful idea, Karen! You have a heart of gold!

Alisa Logue

Holy cow Karen! This is awesome. Kudos to you for making a difference. It seems we all want to make a contribution in the world but feel too small to do anything of significance. Thanks for being the catalyst for an amazing opportunity to assist in the lives of others and appealing to the sisterhood of scrapbookers to do this. -Alisa

Kay cool is this!! Besides the great effort you are going to in order to set all this up and stay organized; I just love reading your blog. I starteed reading b/c a friend of yours stops by our store to pick up old C.I. catalogs b/c her children are on layouts that you scrapped. Thanks for all the inspiration and wonderful work you share with us!!

Elizabeth B

are you kidding me??!?!?
Karen - do you know how absolutely cool this is and how amazing you are for organizing this?




Thanks for letting me join in. ;)


Count me in!!!


just wanted to let you know that i sponsor two women (one officially and one pending until they hook me up) and it's one of the most rewarding things i've ever done in my life.


Just sent my donation :) Very cool idea so glad I discovered it on Robyn's Blog!



Off to send in my donation!! How COOL is this!! Thank you for organizing this, Karen!


WOW!!! What an amazing gift and opportunity!! Thanks for sharing this! (((HUGS)))

Lisa Macomber

Just donated! Good luck and here is to raising a ton of money! Lisa

kathleen taylor

I just sent a donation. This is just a wonderful thing you are doing.


Wow! Love this ... just sent my donation in. :)

Kate Iredale

Great idea Karen, I' m sending a donation for your wonderful fundraiser. I'm also a supporter of Women for Women Int. and support a woman from Nigeria. Here's to amazing women helping other amazing women and to realizing that we're ALL amazing women! Kate


Awesome Effort for a Worthwhile Cause!!! I'm in...


headed to learn more about this! wonderful rock for doing this!


just sent in my donation! This is such a wonderful thing!


How could I not contribute to this? Great job!

Angi B

yet another reason i love this hobby!
connecting so many women around the world who gather and share memories
and now we reach out to the global community effecting change and offering a helping hand to those we don't even know
but have compassion for

i love it
this is so awesome


This is just so cool.

Karen Carter

Thank you for doing this!!! You ROCK!!!! Sent my donation just now.


Sounded very cool. Wish I'd heard about it earlier. You should do it again!


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Awesome Effort for a Worthwhile Cause!!! I'm in...

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I doubt this is still going on, but I think you've got a great thing going here. Good job!

Dr. Grussenmeyer

With such great sponsors, this is definitely going to be fun. Good luck!


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