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Love this page and I totally understand what you are saying about changing but staying true to your style. Love the fun colors and little details of your page!



What a beautifully cool page, Karen! Love it! Loved reading your thoughts! I totally agree!


Thanks for that, Karen. I'm learning that perfection is for when I'm dead (in heaven, anyway). My body will never achieve the perfection I'm looking for, my children will never be perfectly well behaved, my husband will never react in that perfectly romantic way...why should my scrapbooking be any different? I love the pages I create and so does my family. That's what makes them perfect for us!


First: Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl! I didn't even know you were expecting and was so happy when I happened upon your blog. She's beautiful!
Second: I so agree with what you are saying here. I came to this same realization about two months ago. I just let the pressure go and I enjoy the process so much more now. I still need to work on the amount of time I spend on them though. I just love working with paper and pictures! This layout is perfect, that sweet little face speaks volumes, and I'm so happy that you have found happiness and love in your life. Can't wait to see more picture of Annie in the future!


You are so right Karen, I'm coming around to the same way of thinking more and more, so of my best layouts are ones that are totally unplanned and were just put together quickly as I go along ... gorgeous LO, beautiful pic too.

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

you are amazing!
i love this layout so much!
i would like to change my style more,
but i tend to have more of graphicy
style and i can't get out of it.
i will continue to look to you for inspiration.


A beautiful layout Karen. Your creative journey reminds me so much of my own, creative evolution is for the better I say!


Good thoughts, Karen! And you're right about trying on different styles - it IS liberating!! So glad to know you're not a fast scrapper!! I was laughing out loud at the bit about not being able to pick your photos in that amount of time! : )


thanks for keeping it real and reminding many of us that scrapbooking can still be fun even in the rabid quest for publication, design teams & major industry contests!


I LOVE your comments today!! So so true! Struggling for perfection in everything we do....letting it go!! So close to my heart so many times! Love your layout - I love everything you do! And yes, it always looks like you!! Hope your doing well! Hugs!

Elizabeth b

The only ones who are going to care about your LO's are your kids/grandkids, etc. and they aren't going to care what your "style" was, if you used the "in" paper, or if your rub-on's didn't go on perfectly. They are just going to love that you did it. :)
That's motivating and liberating all at the same time, isn't it?

Gillian Greding

I have to say how awesome your page is. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts...


Totally cool reading this...and you know what...I have been getting slower these days...


Love this post. Love how real it is. Thank you. For sharing.

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