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Gotta love that sweet little face :)


Love that pic, you are right, such a little sweetie.

Heather (in Scotland)

Gorgeous piccie of Annie!

My firstborn's now 9 months old, but I remember those endless nights when she was tiny, trying to soothe her back to sleep. Not sure how it works when you HAVE to get up in the morning to look after other kiddies. :o

jen martin

cute shot! it's weird. i used to hear how hard it is to have a newborn.. but you can just have no idea until you do! it's def. worth it... just don't know if i can do it again!! i look up to people that have lots!!

Kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Simply beautiful

Patti Bosworth

Karen, What a precious shot! I love the little "milk tooth"...geez, it's been so long since my babies were this tiny, I'd almost forgotten about the milk tooth! And hey, how 'bout that snow...I'll bet you've gotten quite a bit more this morning since 7:15! We sure have!

Katina Matheson

Karen - Just too cute!! Yup - been awhile for me since we were in the newborn phase. But it'll go by fast. Too fast... and you will be wishing you were back there again. :) Have fun in the snow!


Love this baby Girl!


I am amazed...

Amy O'Neil

SHE is just absolutely gorgeous! Dang, I didn't even know you were expecting, I spent most of 2005 pregnant and out of the loop! Congrats!!

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