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Patti Bosworth

Oh Dear Karen...Growing pains...growing up and growing out. Sometimes it seems as if it's more painful for us then it is those dang kids of ours! My son was my first child and I think your relationship with Ross is similar to the one I have with Jim; he and I both knew just how to push the other's button and we could get into some hellacious yelling matches but we were also quick to apologize and work it out. It's so different then the relationship I have with my daughter or the relationship Jim has with my husband. And let me tell you, these next four years WILL fly and the toughest will be the senior year! They want so much to be independent and we want so much to hold on. But, believe me, there is life on the other side; the other side of high school disappointments and nursing a broken heart, the other side of laying awake until you hear the key in the door (30 seconds before curfew!)the other side of driving away from the parking lot after you've moved him into the dorm. I love having adult time with Jim now; talking about life, work, whatever, over lunch together or just having him come over and hang out. The relationship you have built all these years will continue to grow and flourish on the foundation you created during these "formative" years. Enjoy. And yes, it is much better to be happy then right. I need to remember that as well!


Hi Karen, just wanted to check in before I take off to Portland CKC. Ross is so cute, funny how our 1st born can tick us off one minute and be great friends the next. Now that mine is grown we rarely have anything but great times together :) Brooke (she is my scrapbooking partner)

Jody Ferlaak

SO that's what I have to look forward to! Come on over to my blog and read about the week I'm having- marking the 9th birthday of my little girl who was killed when she was just 4. Talk about a tough situation to "celebrate"...I'd give anything to have an all-out argument with her. I know. I'll see her in Heaven someday- and losing her has taught me how precious my time is with my other little ones. Sounds like you already learned this lesson long ago. Enjoy every minute of the next 4 years with Ross. And the others too!


Know what I lvoe about you, Karen? You have so much wisdom in that head of yours! So thankful when you share it with us and set me straight!


Here I am reading your post getting a little teary eyed (trust me it doesn't take much to get my tear ducts working.) reading about you and Ross. I'm just such a sucker for a good heartfelt mom and kid story. Having issues with my STUBBORN 10 year old this week, so glad to hear your Dr. Phil philosophy, it kind of puts things into perspective.

Gotta laugh, Patti B is my "Mother idol" am constantly asking myself "what would Patti do?" Then I read your post and see that she has replied as well. I think it's Kismet!

Thanks for sharing. I love your Blog, and read it every day.

Michelle W.

hi Karen,

oh man. Reading this post is making me think a lot of my little one. She just turn 6 and I cried a little when no one is watching. Years are flying by and I really are afriad of how independent she's becoming. I'm not even thinking about teenage years yet. That's frightening. lol. Hugs.


Rachel  a.ka. Lunchlady (2peas)

Oh, Karen, I'm right there with ya! I had a son who just turned 14 and heading up to the high school! These hormone crazed time are though, they say, and then they get better! I struggle with my dude on the same kind of issues....him trying to find his niche in life and his friends etc. and me almost not wanting him to find any niche and still depend on me. It's tough. But you are so, so right, when sometimes the conflicts bring out the best....gets you on the same page. I've always thought the same thing. I find as difficult the situation and as hurt as my feelings get, it is just more important to be honest. That's the only thing that seems to get us through sometimes.

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