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Angi B

hi there! yes, i blog... although quite often MIA because i went back to school in the fall while still working full time (i'm a wife and mom of four,btw)... i still scrawl in my regular journal too - quick, sporadic,illegible notes.. but better than blank pages of an unfinished journal (i have a few of those too,btw)... just wanted to say hello and say that I LOVE your work! so glad to have found your blog through Ali E's...

Amy O'Neil

Same reasons I blog... and that layout is just the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time! I'll be lifting that one, for sure!


I do blog but I really just came to say OMGOSH I adore your layout! Absolute perfection...the baby and the layout ;)

jill s

yep...i love my blog for that reason...lots of memories i would have already forgotten!


Yes, I blog. I love to blog. It's really a great place to release yourself. Oh, and your baby is precious!

Jill Radley

This might be my favorite layout, EVAH!! Love it!!!


This layout is so precious! Your quick layouts are even beautiful! Nichol Magouirk sent me some of your awesome narratives product and I used some today on my art journal. Love your stuff girl! I can't wait to see your new releases! Hope your doing well! Hugs!

Kim Bolyard

I am so glad I started my blog and for the same reason as keep a journal, I have a few empty journals hanging around too. I enjoy reading your blog and Annie is beautiful


tara pollard pakosta

yes, and now go print off the whole blog incase it ever crashes and you lose it all! i printed out all of my 2005 and will do it yearly...just to be sure!
love your blog!


Beautiful LO, simply stunning. :)

Michelle W.

So glad you started a blog! So we get to see your beautiful pages and share little moments in your life! Beautiful layout!


Jen Hall

Karen, I'm sure you don't remember, but I was one of the 25 CBX finalists last year. This is the first time I have ever typed a response to someone's blog. But I really felt like I need to tell you, I love reading your blog. It makes me smile every time! No matter what you wrote about. You are really funny and your high school, aquanet, zima comments really bring back the memories. When did you graduate? Must have been around '90 or '91. I graduated in '91 and I must say a lot of what you talk about could be me and my friends. I adore your new daughter, she is so beautiful! So it appears you have moved formats to 8.5 x 11 pages? I have always done 12x12. And I really have a hard time scrapping one pic on a page. I always feel like I need to get as many on a page as possible. But seeing your LOs makes me just want to try, maybe, to do a smaller LO with minimal photos.
Anyway, just wanted to say HI. Thanks for the smiles.
Oh, one more question, how do you start a blog? I really know what you mean by the "always wanted to start a journal, but never did it" thing.
Jen Hall


I'm one of those who swore never to start a blog, who said, repeatedly, I just don't "get" blogs. I started a month ago and love love love the minutiae and perspective on my life that I'm capturing. Love your blog, love your art style.


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