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okay, I was reading your classes...and was bummed not to see Portland anywhere, then I saw it!! ART HOUSE!!! love that store!!!! I'm totally gonna be signing up!!! YAY!!!!


Ummm, Karen, I don't see NC on that list at all!!! Happy one month to little Miss Sweetness!


FYI - Stampin' Up carries the Sigmo Uniball pens. Decent price, too.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Hopefully I can make the Portland one! Awesome!

Brooke Stranberg

WOO HOO!!! Oh ya baby! Glad to see the schedule, now for my ?? are you teaching the same class at all of the stores? Just wondered if I need to plan a 'road trip'!! :) Wow one month already, sure flew by (maybe because I didn't have any night feedings) lol - Brooke


I'm already signed up in Roseburg. So looking forward to seeing you again and taking another uper cool class.
Looks like Annie is NOT being starved. Just kidding.


I may have to go to a class or so!
AND can Miss Annie get any cuter!

Love HER!

Shannon Stamp


I live in Washington and am looking forward to taking your classes when you come up here!!!!! YEAH! One question for you. At the 3 WA locations on the back to back days, are you going to be teaching the same classes? Will it be the same materials used? Just wandering, might take more than one of them. I have been to all three stores and absolutely love them all and live relatively close to two of them...Bellingham is a little drive, but I do get up there since I love that store. Do you need a place to crash while you are in Washington? I would be a good host if you want to sleep on a comfy couch....small house, no kids.... would love to show you my scrapbook room. I know we have not met, but check out my blog, and if you need somewhere to me.

Mill Creek, WA

Jill Stuart

That's a gorgeous photo of your sweet baby . All the photos you've posted of her so far are painfully cute.

Amy O'Neil

FYI: Arizona is gorgeous this time of year! Little Miss Annie is so pretty!

Jenn N

Ok, I know Ontario Canada is a far stretch for you to travel so I am really looking forward to the new kit.
Keep the pictures of Annie coming -she just warms my heart.

Tina J.

PERFECT photograph! She's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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