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Deb Seenblock

Awwwwwwwww poor little Annie, she does look a bit sad today!This is such a cute photo! She is a total doll-face Karen.


Oh Karen, what a little sweetie she is with all of her "aliments" :-) My son has the eczema as well. I'm guessing she's too young for the Elidil cream? That seems to work pretty good for my boy. Also, my sister had almost 2 different colored eyes. One of them was half brown/half green. I always thought that made her EXTRA special!! Peace and blessings!


All I see is......The most BEAUTIFUL baby in the world! I still side with Josh, two different colored eyes are going to be AMAZING!


She is a cutie! Colic...yuck my son had it so bad as a baby. Have you tried Colic Tablets, they sell them in natural foods stores and I have seen then in drugstores. The brand we used was Hylands Colic Tablets. Not a cure but they sure did help. My son also lived in his swing at night, the noise and movement seemed to help as well. I was also born with two different colored eyes. Never had any issues. There is scientific term for it but it just comes down to genetics. Good luck! Have a great day!

Tina J.

Two different colored eyes? That's totally cool!

Tina J.


Oh my goodness!! She is a scrumptious wonder child, isn't she?? The eye thing is so interesting. I hope that all is well with her eyes and that it's just a really cool unique characteristic! Boo for colic, but I'm lovin' that hair! : )


awwww...she's still too precious!! as soon as i saw the pic it reminded me of when Draven had baby acne!! i remember calling the doctor thinking he had an allergic reaction to!! yup...first time mom!


oh my goodness she is just so precious and pathetic looking here! Sweet little thing!


Karen - when my baby Jack was born, his left pupil would sometimes dialate. Needless to say, I was thinking brain tumor. After CAT scan, MRI and peidiatric optometrist, he was diagnosed with intermediate anasecoria. That means (are you ready for this?) his pupil sometimes dialates for no apparent reason! He is four years old now and it still does it. It is just not as noticeable. We call him crazy eyed Jack.
He was also colicky. After visits to the pediatrician and the pediatric gastroenterologist, we learned that he had a milk protien intolerance. We had to try many different specialty formulas, but finally found one that he could tolerate. Colic was gone because his tummy didn't hurt anymore. Just a thought for you.


She doesn't look pathetic ... just VERY VERY cute. Love that hair do!!


*went to school with a girl who had two differently colored eyes, and i was insanely jealous of her coolness.

*my dd had a hemangioma right above her belly button, yes! it does get better and then it's gone by age four or five.

*my son who is almost four STILL gets some cradle cap going on.



Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my daughter had a hemangioma on her forehead. Hers did grow, and eventually we had it surgically removed when she was 2 1/2 years old. I would recommend the Vascular Birthmarks website to you, it has soooo much great information and a great network of doctors that are specialists in hemangiomas, as well as a wonderful message board. It is It is really important to get a specialist to look at it and give you options for how to deal with it if it is growing. Good luck to you! I'd be happy to email with you about the Hemangioma if you'd like. :)


Aww Karen she is the most beautiful little girl ever. Look at those beautiful cheeks. That photo is just precious. My son Jack had hair like that for months!

Nichol Spohr LLC

oh Karen, this totally made me LOL. she looks so sad and her hair is too, too cute. poor little thing. my little guy has nasty cradle cap that thankfully is gradually going away. annie is just too precious. I can just see you scrapbooking this photo (and the journaling to go with) will be fun to look back on, I know.


Cradle cap....hate it!! Worst case of dandruff for anyone to have including a baby!! Best thing to use? Anything with Tea Tree oil in it. Smells horrible but works like a charm!!! Just use a tiny bit on baby's head and you will start to see a change within a couple of days.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Poor little Annie! She looks so sweet.


She's so darling, although she looks a little crabby today :) I went to high school with a girl who had two different colored eyes. She was gorgeous. All the boys loved her eyes - they were fascinating.


she just looks sooooooo sad. poor booboo!


She is everything you have listed, God made her special :) She is beautiful Karen!
My son had the eye thing....although it was just a blocked tear duct....and he still, at 3 1/2, has sensitive eyes.

Leslie McFarlane

Love the photo - I'd call it "This is what Monday looks like" She sure is a cutie!


Too cute - I love seeing all the pics you post of the family. Annie is always darling in her pink and this recent picture is no exception! As many posters have already indicated we had many of those aliments when our 2.5 year old was a little buddle of skin irritations :-) They get better - or at least we have learned to manage things better. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. Elizabeth

Michelle W.

that cheek is just the cutest!!! The two different colored eyes are absolutly gorgeous!!!

Michelle W. (burberrygirl)

Cindy  Mandernach

if you blow up that picture you can see the reflection of you taking her picture in her eyes...very cool.


Alison P

One of my uncles has two different colored blue, one green. It's really cool. Love Annie's hair-do!


My daughter has two different colored eyes. One brown and one blue. It is rare, so it is definately her "signature." I love it! We also went to the optomotrist to get it checked when she was a couple of weeks old. She had two healthy eyes, so don't worry. Annie is beautiful!

shannon c

She is absolutely beautiful! That is a sweet picture.


oh.. she is so adorable! love those gorgeous cheeks and pretty little face.. and of course, that little fluffy bit of hair sticking up in back :)



ah, the poor thing! Wanted to tell you that my sister has one blue eye, one brown eye and so did my grandmother!



she looks so sweet and adorable i love the hair do :)


My 1st son had it all except the colic and clavical rib deal or the clogged eye duct, my 2nd son had the clogged eye duct. Their Grandpa has two different coloured eyes, blue and green. I was SO hoping one of them would too, looks very cool, but her never had any eye problems, not even glasses.
All the extras just give us more reasosn to love their uniqueness!

Mary Mac

Karen - A friend of mine has one green eye and one brown eye - can't remember what the condition is called. But it's absolutely stunning. I wish I had a picture to send you.



Oh my, this baby is so sweet. Before I read the blog, I looked at those eyes and saw how adorably pathetic she looks. Have you considered a Chiropractic technique called NAET (pronounced NATE)stands for Natural Allergy Elimination Technique. Babies respond so beautifully - it is extremely gentle/non-force technique. Also, something else called NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique). She is beautiful, and even though she's a baby, don't label her. Try to get her some natural support to strengthen her own constitution and healing ability. God Bless that beautiful child.


I noticed your daughter had a broken clavicle during the birth process.. I was wondering how that healed or what u did after finding out. The reason why I ask is because my newborn has a broken clavicle, and am not sure what to do.


My friend has 2 different coloured eyes, its very pretty :)

Conesha Barron

Karen I know this is a little late and odd, but I had a question about the Cradle cap. The picture of your beautiful little baby looks just like mine (with the doctor diagnosed Cradle Cap over face, scalp, ears), a beautiful one month old boy. Is the cradle cap also including his face or is that the ezema?


I came across your little Annie's picture while researching cradle cap on the face. My month old daughter Anna has baby acne and a bit of cradle cap on her face. But wanted to say about your picture - that's a precious little girl you've got there, just a doll, the pic makes me wanna hug her. Hope she's over all her ailments soon, poor little doll. Hang in there!

Darci - mother of 2


Ha ha, just realized how old your original post was! So I'm sure she's all better now. :)

Term Papers

I went to high school with a girl who had two different colored eyes. She was gorgeous. All the boys loved her eyes - they were fascinating.


She is a beatiful girl with the cutest expression. My son has a face like that not sure if it is acne or part of the cradle cap, do you know what to use on the face that might help? If you have any suggestions that would be great. It started on the forehead and now is going down the face to the mouth. Congrat on the beautiful baby!


Awwwwwwwww, what a sweetie :) Good luck with everything, especially the colic - my newborn seemed to just snap out of it after 3 months instantly (tremendously, before a 6 hour road trip for the Memorial Day weekend).

dragonball gold

One of my uncles has two different colored blue, one green. It's really cool. Love Annie's hair-do!


she will be stronger than everyone else ...........

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