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LOL. I know what you mean about counting on Coley for a story. My daughter, Emma, ALWAYS has stories too and she starts like this, "This one time..." It makes her SO bad when I say, "at band camp." :-)


Karen, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that you are being so diligent with your blog! You will truly appreciate that you have "archived" these "ordinary" days! The Karate champ story is priceless...reminds me about the story my son told at preschool one day when HE had a captive audience (the director and a couple of teachers)...seems he had a half brother (a child I had before I had him) who lived in Salt Lake City (we lived in Reno, he had never been to Salt Lake City, how did he know about Salt Lake City?), his name was Lucas (why Lucas? Skywalker?) and Jim was going to get to see him when we all traveled to Southern CA for my sister's upcoming wedding. Yeah, my "pick up" time at preschool that day took a little longer as I unwound this little "story" that the director asked me about..."So, I didn't know you had any other children???"

Jenn N

Ok, the "I'll be your hamburger helper" line just got me right in the heart. I just love that little guy, and I don't even know him!

Brooke Stranberg

Oh such priceless stories, they totally crack me up. Life is never dull at your place is it.

I think I want to be your neighbor just to watch the fun.

Ok after our house is finished you have to come over just so I can enjoy your kids!! - Brooke

Ps I will keep them while you shop at No Bare Pages and Scrapbook King (how's that for a bribe)!!


LOL! Such cute stories! Don't kids just crack you up? The "hamburger helper" thing is just too funny!! :o)


Oh, thhat is way too funny!!!

Gillian Greding

LOL at "Hamburger Helper"! Darling.


Just.. TOO CUTE! :)


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