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Tammy Rasmussen

Isn't the snow great. We are getting a bit right now here in the "burg". The boys are trying to figure out how to make a snow man with an 1/8th of an inch of snow. Good luck!!!

Have a great day!


Alisa Logue

Karen, Brynli just came in the house mud head to toe from rolling in a puddle. Two days in a row of this stuff... crazy for our area. I was supposed to be having a bounce house in our driveway tomorrow for Bryn's birthday party (I think she's the same age as Courtney... 4 on the 16th). It will be a disaster if it's snowing. Will make for some interesting photo ops and amusing memories 10 years from now. The last 2 years on her bday we were in shorts. Oregon... go figure!? Have a great day- Alisa

Brooke Stranberg

Morning Karen,
Poor Courtney, dog poop no less! Sorry I just hooted over that one, you did say she could be a bit dramatic :). Read your last few posts to my Dad and DH last night. Got to say those were the best laughs and ohhh moments of the day! Thanks :) Brooke


lol!! that is too cute!


i sit on the other side of the world drowning in this heat wave.....bring the snow this way K. so jealous. your annie is so gorgeous...look forward to sharing in her growth with you guys. hope your getting sleep. hugs.

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