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TRANSLATION: Can't wait to see you "COOKIE" and Baby Annie, Uncle Josh, Karen, Ross and Cole!

Luh You,



Happy birthday, Courtney!!! So fun to take gymnastics!!! : ) I hpe you have a non-hectic drive! Say hi to Mark - he's in Seattle this weekend for a wedding! : )

Kelly Miller

Cute picture!! Have a great weekend!


Have a safe (and sane) trip Karen!


"purple velour leotard with butterflies on the sleeves"

she is my idol. :)


yesterday? Like as in march 16th? hee...Brenna's birthday was yesterday too...:) Documented it in blog land myself! :) She is soo cute! miley

Jody Ferlaak

To me there is nothing sweeter than a little 4 year old girl. Tragedy struck my family just months after my little girl turned four. I think back to her 4th birthday (March 18, 2001)- I had no idea it would be her last. I blogged about it today and recalled the words she said so many times, "I just want to be 4 forever." Give your Courtney a big squeeze- simply because you can. Savor the moment and I wish you all a lifetime of wonderful memories like this one here! She is a little princess!

Michelle W.

Happy birthday to the little cutie pie!!!


kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Hope your trip was uneventful and peaceful.

I am surprised you weren't going to the CK convention in Portland. I bought a TON of your stuff! Thanks so much for your creativness!

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