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Lori Gentile

That is a beautiful story! I'm so happy for you both. Congratulations. All my best tomorrow.

heidi larsen

i don't exactly remember how i stumbled onto your blog, but i have added it to my favorites and have been reading your entries lately. sooooo excited for you! how fun! i know your work and it is great! it's great to get to know a little bit about you. i love the story of how you met josh. it seems as though it was the last thing on your mind, the last thing that you ever expected (to meet someone). life is so that way! good luck tomorrow! wishing you the best!

Heather  Moll

Happy Anniversary! Little Annie will be the best anniversary present ever! CONGRATS!

Jenn N

What a great story. You will have to tell it to little Annie every year on her birthday as Feb. 13th will always be so special for you and your family.
Take care Karen, and I am sending you best wishes, smiles, hugs, and all that wonderful stuff for a very exciting day tomorrow.

alecia grimm

That card is so sweet & wonderful. Congrats on your anniversary & your little girl. How cooL!

Wanda E. Santiago

Beautiful beautiful and here is sending you have that baby now Vibes!! All my love Wanda

corinne delis

wow it seems like you to belong together for sure! I wish you guys all the luck and hope the delivery goes well!



This is a wonderful special day for all your family, congratulations! I met my dh and was married four months later and we had a baby inside our first year too, we got together on valentines day so this one will be our number eight together. Quick can be a beautiful thing. Best of luck!!


It is a well-known fact that people who tell me things with confidence are always wrong. As a matter of fact, after hearing you say so positively that you would never date again, I engineered a scenario where my accomplice, Francesca, would purchase a ticket on the same plane as you and pretend to sleep in your seat, thereby forcing you to converse with the hunky dreamboat next to you. She reported back the success of my diabolical plan as soon as you two got home, so I'm afraid that I've known about this whole "happily ever after" thing for, well, a year! :) *giggle*

I adore you, too! Happy Birthday, Annie! (It's after midnight here, and your mother says today's the day, darling, so even though she should probably say the OPPOSITE of what she wants to happen, I think we're gonna have to let her have her way!) *kisses* to your whole happy family!

Heather (in Scotland)

Happy anniversary, Karen and Josh. And hopefully happy birthday, Annie. :)


What an amazing story! Congrats to you both. I can't wait to see little Annie.


"Not a single doubt in my mind that every path I have ever been on has led up to this."--- How cute! You sound just like that Rascal Flatts song, Broken Road.
Good Luck and here's to a speedy, healthy labor!


Happy Anniversary to you and Josh and I hope little Annie arrives for you today, what a wonderful Anniversary present that would be. And what a wonderful story. My husband and I had our first daughter just under a year after we first got together, so I totally know where you are coming from ... you just know it's right. Good luck for today anyway. :)


One of the coolest stories I've ever the card and the fact that Annie may be born on your anniversary!!!!! So happy for you!!!!


Good morning! Happy Anniversary to you and Josh! What an exciting year this has been for you guys:)

Just had to pop in before I left for work to say 'Welcome' Annie and I can hardly wait to meet you! After all I figure 'Mommy' will bring you to classes for a while at least!! To many 'Aunties' are wanting to see you.

Karen, just know many prayers and lots of love are coming your way today!


Awwwww!!! Thinking of you today, Karen!! Happy anniversary and Happy Birthday to sweet Annie!!


this is so beautiful.. and what a wonderful story you and Josh have :)


I love that story! ...and no apologising for the time frame! Love has no time restraints!


just commenting with a great big 'ol happy *sigh*.

Dena Coe  (MomtoZoe)

Come on out Annie!! We are waiting to meet you!!!

Huge congrats to you Karen and your family. I just love your whole love story. SOOO Romantic!!!

We all cant wait to see your precious addition.



AWESOME!! What a beautiful love story! God had a plan for you no doubt!! :-) What a wonderful blessing your daughter will be to your already beautiful family. :-) Can't wait to see pics of her!!


Oh Karen, what a beautiful love story, that is the stuff movies are made of !
All the best to you, I keep you in my prayers tomorrow.


cheers to you and yours karen! here's hoping that miss annie arrives tomorrow! come on annie, you have THE coolest mommy and family patiently awaiting your debut!


Fate is a wonderful thing. She had a hand in the meeting of my husband, also.
Annie, hurry up!


So happy for you just sound so happy and you are one person that sure deserves it! Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Birthday to little Annie!!! ;)


karen- this is an awesome 'romance' story! it was meant to be girl. i love it!! and i can't think of a better way to bless your meeting ;-)


Beautiful layout and story! And welcome little Annie.

Samantha Walker

Oh, many good things are happening in your life! I am beyond happy for you! I understand your CHA withdrawls...I missed CHA for the very same reason...I had my baby on January 25th...a girl, 8.0 pounds, and 20 3/4 inches. I had my other baby born a few days paper line with CI. It would not have happened if it weren't for your introduction of Jack to me. I still can't thank you enough! This year has been a dream come true for me! It sounds like your year has been a dream come true for you too! I am so glad when good things happen for good people.


happy anniversary Karen and Valentines day and have that baby ;) Your such a wonderful person! Cheers to you darling!



I've been checking your blog daily to see the news on Miss Annie. Can't wait to see her, in pictures and in person. Did I tell you that we offer infant holding services here while new mommies shop?

Hope all is well,

Scrapbook King


Totally thinking about you guys!


I remember you telling me this story and I told you mine - so similar. I'm so happy for you that you met your soulmate early in your life. Happy Valentine's Day.


I believe that my first words to you were something along the lines of, "Hey, I was hoping to get both of these seats to myself."

Love You Valentine!



Karen.. your card is amazing and how you and JOsh met seems like a fairytale!!

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