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Heather  Moll

Oh she is so precious! I'm having some serious baby fever now!

Amanda Williams

Huge Congrats to you and your newly expanded family!!
I'm a regular lurker here and wanted you to know how happy I am for YOU!!
Annie is Positively Precious!!

Amanda Williams
TwoPeas: Newpeamanda


Karen I have to say she is the sweetest, most precious little baby ever! Congratulations to you and your family. I was hoping we would be priviledged enough to get another sweet photo of Annie today. Thank you for sharing her with us!!


She is so adorable! I am so happy for you. Hope you are doing well!

Gillian Greding

This child is gorgeous. What a blessing to have a new baby in the home. Congratulations.

corinne delis

she is just so sweeeeeeeeeeet!



That is one seriously beautiful baby! What a gorgeous photo! You can just see how sweet she smells!


So excited to see another picture of your beautiful little girl! Congratulations...

Trinka King

Karen...she is absolutely beautiful! A big congrats to you and your family. I have a new grandbaby that came in January and know how special a new baby is. Enjoy your darling Annie.


She is absolutely beautiful!! Children really are a gift from God. :-) Can't wait to hear all the details about her. Take care of her and yourself during this magical time.


Oooohhh...Karen...another precious picture...this gives me serious grand-baby fever, but I guess I have to wait until my son-in-law gets back from Iraq before I can even START to endulge those thoughts... So, how are YOU feelng?


She is so beautiful! Congrats!


Sarah Klemish

She is darling....just precious!!
So excited for you all!!


Cousin Brooke

htttttuuuuuuuutttttrrrrrr ryhbnki'uhy'h'

LUH YOU Baby Annie, can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Your Cousin Brooke


Welcome home to you and baby Annie, that was so quick! I hope the labour went well for you, and best wishes to you and the family. Lily


Karen thats wonderful! She is a beauty!!!
hugs and love and prayers!


Congratulations Karen! She's so sweet :o)


Oh my gosh Karen she has so much hair and she is just as cute as a little lady bug! Of course I knew she would be cute just look at her wonderful and cute parents.


beyond beautiful. blessed beyond measure.

jennifer mcguire

she is gorgeous! happy baby. :)


You must be tickled to be around all that pink! She is absolutely beautiful and I can hardly wait to see how you scrap these stellar photos you're taking. What color are her eyes?

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