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Love that, Karen!
What a sweet photo of you two!


awww how sweet! Love the photo of the two of you ;)


Wow! Such a wonderful blog entry. Love is a verb.....something I don't think about.


Awww! You've got a sweetie on your hands! I would have NEVER guessed that super was your favorite word! Never! ; ) Cool idea about the lights, too!


Now that was some good reading. Thanks for reminding me of my greatest blessing!


Jill Stuart

That's the cutest thing ever, what a guy. I'm glad you didn't keep that moment to yourself, because it's helpful to the rest of us who are taking our spouses for granted or have forgotten that we need to say thank you. So thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your gorgeous baby girl.


OMG!!! What an incredible subject to post about...incredibly sweet!


You know I was actually thinking this just to myself today, about it being more than an emotion an action. You sure have a keeper there!


Love the photo! And thank you for sharing that...and reminding me that good men are out there. He's definitely a keeper. :)


You two are super good for each other, K2 and J1! What a sweet story, a lovely photo, and a yummy dinner! (Well, replace the vegetables and tofu with a burger and fries for me, please) :)

Heather Moll

That is so awesome! I completely agree with you - love is a verb!


So true!! Great picture!

Dena Coe  (MomtoZoe)

that is just such a sweet story about the two of you!!!
it doesnt happen every day that is for sure!!



I have been tracking your blog for a few months now...congratulations on the birth of Annie...she is gorgeeee! And this, THIS that you wrote is so beautiful. Congratulations to you.


Thankyou for your blog, your openness if that is such a word, love it all. I've been married 38 years and you told me ,love is a verb and it all makes sense. Some of the most wonderful hubbies do more than they say, I have one of those. Quietly doing it..

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