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Alisa Logue

Karen, It's not totally out of context using later instead of latter. Don't sweat it girl. Your work is so incredible everyone will be in such awe they will not even notice. How is Annie doing? I have a friend in Medford who had the exact thing happen when her daughter was born (the broken collar bone). I can put you in touch with her if you need some support. Take care. -Alisa

Tanya Webster

OK, seriously if people have the time (and nerve) to comment about a typo on ANY of your layouts them shame on them!! EVERYTHING you do is beautiful...and the fact that you might not be perfect is encouragement to the rest of us!! LOVE the layout of Annie too by the way...she is TOOOOO CUTE!!! Hope all is well! T


I really do believe that we can get so caught up in the content that our eyes deceive us and make us believe that what we are reading is correct, because in our mind, we already know what it says. That's my story and I'm stickin to it!


Adorable layout! I never would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out! I'm always paranoid about typos, too, but I still make bunches of mistakes.

Elizabeth b

mistakes are part of the creative process - remember that :)


Hold. The. Fort. Typepad has spell check?! Where? I must find it. What a cute layout! I wouldn't have noticed the error without you pointing it out, but even if I had, I'm just not concerned about stuff like that. It seems to be one of those "nails on the chalkboard" things to some folks and total "shrug" to others. I'm in the shrug camp.


I never noticed it til you pointed it out. Karen, your creativity just blows me away and takes all the focus off typos. Great layout.
How's Annie?


I have had lots of typos too...


Hey, it's all part of the process right!! Lovin' this page!!!


lolol I NEVER use my spelling check and my blog is full with typo's! but thats just me......can I just say that this lo rocks!


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