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okay so now I know that scrapbooking IS an obsession :) phew, I thought it was just a You just had a baby this week and are already pumping out LO'
cute! I actually kinda thought you might have some pre-made ;)

hope you get some rest today

Kim in Camas

Simply precious! Love the angle of the photos and those little feet! Great tip on attaching the card to paper and running it through the printer.......DUH! Thanks. Is the fabric from anything special, like your hospital gown?


Such a sweet layout. New baby pictures are just the most inspiring and fun to scrap I think. She is soooooo sweet! Congrats on your perfect little blessing.


LOVE your lo and boy you are up and around quick! have a great nap together!


Just so beautiful and gorgeous Karen!


Gorgeous layout and I just love the angle of the bodyshot photo, beautiful pics and a precious little lady you have there.

Hope you get some rest today.


Gorgeous layout with some more beautiful pictures. I hope that you can get a nap today!

shannon c

Oh, she looks so sweet. Congratulations!


This is awesome, Karen!! Hope you got some rest today! You're crazy!! ; )

Caroline Ikeji

annie is gorgeous...
and so is the LO!

Michelle T.

I hope you got a good nap in today. Your Annie is precious. I have twins - sorry about the double bed-wetting (I can relate). As always, your layout is gorgeous; love the little feet in corner and the hospital tape.

Mary Ann

Annie's first layout is beautiful! One of many more to come I'm sure. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story with us.


so cute! thanks for sharing!


beautiful beautiful layout and little girl! Congratulations! I hope your family cooperates and lets you get a nap in today!


Gorgeous layout, Karen! Annie is such a little beauty!


This is beautiful Karen! She is so darling!!! Hope your doing well!


Beautiful page for your beautiful girl!

Mary M

She's beautiful! So is that awesome layout! You are one talented lady!


Too stinkin' adorable! Good job- Mommy, you made an incredible little piece there- and I don't mean the layout! Although, it's pretty great too.

Lori Hudson

Great Layout! I bet it felt good to do something "normal". Kiss that beautiful squishy baby for me. I wouldn't want it again, but I do miss it.

Emily Kate

Beautiful LO and congratulations! What a sweet little one!

Lori Gentile

She's beautiful, Karen. I love the layout!


awww....makes me want to work on some pages from draven's "early" days!!


Those photos are too precious of Annie.. beautiful page Karen!!

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