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Lori Hudson

She is absolutely beautiful. It's great you could capture one of those smiles.

Patti Bosworth

Hi Karen...Love seeing the update photos of Annie...she's a sweetie pie! As you were mentioning the Advanced Transparencies class, I thought I'd let you know that I completed the 2nd side of a two page layout from that class; it was the shadow box layout. I also completed my journaling on that page; I'll have to dust off my scanner and send a picture of it to you. Anyone who hasn't taken Karen's Advanced Transparencies so! It is an "intense" class but she's learn a ton of techniques! (I'll have to send you a photo of another two page layout I did with the film strip transparencies...very fun!...Captured a lot of photos from our daughter and son-in-law's wedding in July into one fun layout!) Anyway, I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the new class/kits...


That photo of Annie is just gorgeous, so perfect and she has such a wonderful little smile. I'm glad to hear that she's healing well, she's beautiful. :)


Love that little grin on her face!!


Oh. My. Goodness!!! What an angel! She's so pretty, Karen. Wow.

I must concur with everyone else - Karen's classes are DA BOMB! She is super creative. SUPER! (Didja notice my super use of "super", K2?) Hey, thanks for sending folks to my Festivus! *smooch*

Tanya Webster

although you just had a baby and you should not already be planning more classes I AM SO EXCITED YOU ARE!! makes me so happy to be a west coast girl!! :) Annie looks awesome....have some tips for that lacrimal duct problem if you need :) T

Jenn N

Karen, your little girl is so cute and I am glad you keep posting pictures of her.
Put me down for a class (mail out) as soon as you have those done. Can't wait!

Elizabeth b

oh exciting!
I will definitely be up for purchasing the next enjoyed the last one.
:) thank you for being so cool!


is it just me..or does she totally have Cole's looks through the nose and cheeks? I can see Hope you are feeling well! She is just a beauty! miley


She is simply beautiful. I love those little smiles, too. And the way they scrunch up with their little bottoms in the air. And when they're asleep and make that little sucking sound. Can you tell I have baby fever? Good thing I get a new niece in just a few days! Can you tell I'm excited, lol?

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I love the longer days and the beauty of all of the trees and plants blossoming. We also start our herb garden each spring and I look forward to that!

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