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Thanks for the info, I have been going thru the book and love your attention to detail without overwhelming the layout. Coley = Cutie, same thing :)
Hey we actually have some sun today!! Yipee

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

thanks for sharing how
you did the title on this
amazing layout!
love it!
you are such an inspiration!


Oh very cool! Thanks for sharing how to do that!


Jenn N

I've been thinking of getting this book but just having a difficult time finding it. My search will now deepen as I really want to have it!
Thanks for sharing this page.

Jenn N


oh I love your layout! Your transparancies are beautiful. Makes me want to go get some!! :)


thanks for the clarification on this lo karen! i actually bought this book yesterday! i've been eyeing it for a little while, and decided to give into temptation. i'm glad i did! i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the transparency playing cards at my LSS! :) :) :)


I love this book-I'm a transparency freak, and it's definitely one of my favorite idea books of all time for inspiration.

Sharyn (Torm)

I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing!!!


Love this layout and Cole's little freckle it's too cute. My twins have little freckles like that as well.


I"m so going to have to do a title like that with a transparency AND I didn't know that about acrylic paint. That's an awesome tip!!! SO love this layout!!

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