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OMG!! That is an awesome tip and so incredibly logical. Doh! Thank you so much for sharing it! smiles!


Ooooooooh, duh!!! That is such a smart tip!! Thanks for sharing!!


Great tip! I never think of these most logical ways of doing something. Wonderful! Thanks.

Kelly Miller

What a great tip!! Will definitely be using that one tonight.......I love rub-ons!!


ooooooooooooooh!! me likey that tip! i've got a ton of KI rubons on my table that are cut up to bits...gotta start doing the back sheet cut instead! :)


Oh love that tip too!


Awesome tip, K2! Makes total sense! I've been teaching people to cut right through the whole package so the rest of the package stays neat and orderly, but some people don't like to cut into their packages, so this is an awesome alternative. Plus the top sheet would remain in one sheet always - yep, that's one great money tip!


Now that makes GREAT sense! Thanks!!

Colleen E   aka Chi-girl

Great tips - thanks so much for sharing - love your work! And thanks for the story about your friends Pam & Betsy - prayers going up for all!


Thats such a good tip!! WHy didn't I think of that!!

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