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Heather Moll

Very cool! So cool to have friends like that! I love the layout (and the shirt and necklace!)!


Karen~ How wonderful are those lifetime friends! My best friend has been at my side for about 27 years...your layouts make want to jump a plane and head to her house so we can share shirts and necklaces and take pictures!
:~) Shawn


Ditto for me, my BF is 6000km away on the other side of Australia..... I think we are lucky and blessed if we have 1 friend like this in our life!

Love the layouts btw.



Very cool layouts and even cooler story behind them!


Wonderful layouts created together to celebrate a wonderful friendship, what more can a scrapper`s heart ask for ?

Jody Ferlaak

Cute layouts- like the idea of documenting an "uneventful" day. I just read a quote today by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Seems fitting here. "God evidently doesn't intend us all to be rich, or powerful, or great, but does intend us all to be friends."

Heather (in Scotland)

Great story, great layouts. (I don't think we had the Wonder Twins in Scoyland, but I'm giggling at the "hollered 'form of a dog'" imagery! :D


Oooh! You both look so pretty - what a sweet tribute to your friend! Thanks Jill, for persisting and making Karen start scrapping. We're all the better for it. The water Wonder Twin was a bit of a cheat, though - "form of an ice jet" "form of an ice elephant" - if you can just be anything made of ice, well, doesn't seem particularly limiting!


How cute are the two of you! Both gorgeous!!


LOVE THOSE LAYOUTS!!!!!! Beautiful photos of both of you!

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