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leigh ann

precious page--and how absolutely sweet that he signed his journaling with "Daddy"--love that


this layout is so beautiful... and so is that sweet little face in the ultrasound photo :)


Jenn N

Beautiful layout and hang in there for the next two weeks. I thought my son was going to be early and he ended up being a full two weeks who knows? It's great to get Josh in on the layout - she'll love him even more for those little things.
Take care.


sooo sweet!! :)



Karen a quick word of advise. If that is the actual ultra sound photo please make a photo copy of it or scan it in to your computer. I learned the hard way that they fade and now I don't have ultra sounds pictures of my twins or my 2nd daughter because they faded away before I even knew it.
Take Care

Sande Krieger

Okay, I'm stinkin' jeolous!!! I have 3 boys, no girls and there is such cute baby girl stuff. And darling pink scrapbooking products. You are going to have so much fun! My fingers are crossed that she hangs in there for two more weeks!

Tammy Rasmussen

Another jealous mother of boys here. I am really excited for you and your precious little girl. What fun your family is going to have getting to know her.

Take Care


oh Karen!
this is so darling!
I esp. love the little My Girl (symbol) at the bottom..and the HS tape. beautiful profile of your new princess.
crossing my fingers for you that you are able to get some stuff done for summer :) lol how selfish!
how do you find time to still do lo's with all that you do?
high five!


Hey there! Great layout (as usual) proud of the white space although I love all the details you always add. I am also a bit selfish in hoping you make it the full 2 weeks, cause ya know I'm gonna love your summer stuff :)

Ps Annie's picture is totally cute

Mary M

Karen - Beautiful layout! So happy for you to be in such a great place right now!!


So, SOOOo cute!! Love the white space! ; )


What a gorgeous layout! My dd's middle name is Annaliese, so of course I love the name as well :D


Can't believe it's so soon! Thinking of you... :)


Beautiful story and so sweet!!!

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