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Thanks for the info. Will have to try the majority of these. What a great excuse to go shopping for new supplies.


Can I just say? You ROCK!!! :)


great list, karen!!! thanks for all the suggestions!! :)


thanks for the info karen!!! just another way to use your fabulous transparencies!!! cheers!


Ooh, there's some really cool ideas there. I have never used transparencies before, so you may have convinced me now!


I haven't tried this, but I just bought some twist ties by Pebbles Inc (I kan dee) that have words on them...very cute. I imagine you could punch holes through the transparency and card stock (or whatever) and use one of these twist ties like ribbon. Seriously...they are just like the kind that you tie bread up with--darling! I'm sure everyone knew about them but me, but I'm sharing anyway!!


This is wonderful! My tip to add to this list is the Basic Grey notch & die tool. I bought it soley for the purpose of finagling (sp?lol) ways to attach transparencies!! The other things to use it for are just a bonus. LOL
And no, I don't work for Basic Grey. lol


Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful list! Your samples are beautiful!


THIS RAWKS! Thank you so much! :)


Wow, I am so grateful to have founf this. it is brilliant. I have been racking my poor mind all day, scratching my head, trying to figure out how to use transparencies. Take pleasure in the knowledge that you freed my lil brain :)


LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! I knew I saw this somewhere before and couldn't figure out where. I have to save this to my computer.

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