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I can commiserate...well, with the not being at CHA part...and I guess also with the very pregnant part, since it seems like it wasn't very long ago!! But you're almost, almost there!! My favorite thing with being so close is that the END IS IN SIGHT!! (While you're in your chair you should browse online for cute, adorable, GIRL baby clothes!! soooo much more selection than the boys department!) Oh, and sneak peeks of the summer release would be good, too. ; )


OH girl... my heart goes out to you. But just think, everyone that walks by your booth will be thinking happy thoughts for you and the "babe" and then wishing like crazy that you were there with them!
Sit tight! She'll come out soon and then at times you'll wish you could put her back in! LOL
(happy mom to a 3 1/2 year old "girly- girl"


Karen you always make me smile! Thinking happy thoughts for you and wishing you a very blessed experience with your newest little one.
I find myself now checking you blog on an almost daily basis LOL.
Take Care

Jenn N


It must be hard for you not to be there but great coverage on your new product - I can't wait to have IT ALL!!!! When should we expect to see it in stores?
Thanks for sharing that site link. I have been scanning through each page of it for the past two hours. Wow, has scrapbooking come a long way! Gorgeuos product.
Put your feet up and take good care of yourself.
Smiles and hugs to you,
Jenn N


Oh, man. I totally know what you mean about CHA, Karen. I was just thinking about that. That is such a fun time! I haven't gone to a trade show for a couple years, but right now... having everyone I know there & all of the new product releases they are seeing... makes me want to be there too now!

About the pregnancy thing... I can't relate, lol. ;)


Hello Karen, I wondered if you could give me any links to companies that produce coloured transparencies for scrapbooks? Your help would be much appreciated. Do you think that this is possibly a product area of scrapbooking and other crafts that could be developed further by the manufacturers?

I am interested to know about any of the new products launched at CHA and would be grateful also of any direct links to CHA information.
Thanks and Best Wishes
Joanne Riddle
Many Thanks
Joanne Riddle

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