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Alisa Logue

Aw, how sweet Karen. I'm not pregnant and this post got me all emotional. My little guy is only 6 and he's learning acoustic guitar. He takes private classes out in Merlin. Did Ross take classes in the valley? I love it when my son plays so good for the soul. Baby Annie is almost here. Hooray for you. Take care. -Alisa


genuinely PRICELESS! thanks for sharing with us karen!


Beautiful photo & beautiful thoughts. What a keepsake.



Oooh, I love seeing that photo and knowing all the details of it, too! Awesome!!!


That is an amazing photo! Simple pleasures.

Jenn N

Beautiful Karen, and not sappy, just right from your heart(where it all should come from anyway!).
Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

Jenn N


Incredible picture!! Love what you captured.


Beautifully said Karen!
Love your photography and your insight :)
Hugs, Shanon


Beautifully said Karen!
Love your photography and your insight :)
Hugs, Shanon


WOW Karen such a beautiful blog entry today. Thanks for making it real!

Sande Krieger

Wow! Well said Karen! Well shot. There is something deeply satisfying when you watch your child loose themself in music or something else they truly love. What a great thing to capture forever.


So very well written, to help others connect to what you are feeling! Loving the photo, just as an outsider, your words help me to appreciate it's full value! Wonderful!


Amazing perspective on a generational can feel the emotion!


BEautiful photo and love the story behind it Karen!

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