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Carol-lea Morgan

I couldn't agree more Karen!! Scrapping is anything but a hobby for's my little piece of sanity in my SAHM world, my artistic haven! Love your work... always have!!!


Lori Gentile

I agree, as well! It keeps me sane and grounded, gives me hope and joy, and a release, when I need it. Stunning layout!


Hey Karen,
Big waves and hello from sunny Australia!!! hey girl it has been so long since we have chatted. Guess we get caught up in the everyday. Now that I have found your blog I will keep checking in. So when are you going to come on Downunder? We would love to see you here.
Happy New Year.


Hi Karen!! I just found your blog- I'm loving it all!! Especially this layout.


I feel the same way .. Scrapbooking is a hobby for me.. but it's also my form of Art. I couldn't paint youa picture.. or draw one for that matter.. to save my life.. but give me some photos and some scrapbook product and I can go to town!

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