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Love this the way you talked about expectations, and how they collided with reality. You are the best. Gosh, it is fun reading these posts because we were also just at Harris Beach and explored all the magical coast going north to Canon. I was so surprised how few people there were on the beaches...we were there for 2 weeks in May....your post takes me back there...and also to a time when our kids were the ages of yours. Such fun to think about all of you on the beach, enjoying time together. And, by the way...we did fall in love with Oregon. Always love your kiddo photos, and today...that gull photo is just as captivating. Happy summer.


I always appreciate that you tell how things really were. Beautiful photos as well.


You know what a wise person once said about expectations? I won't repeat it, I'm sure you know it by heart!
I love the one of ross on the log, with cole and his price is right hands!
I'm glad the day ended up so great!


Love all the pics! And Coleys long hair looks good on him!

Maria Glazener

I am glad I am not the only one who has a child.. who complains and then waits around for me to do it all..I guess it is the age, but sometimes it really does seem like I am the pack mule trying to get everything together just to make these unforgettable moments! Glad the day turned out great! Love the clarity in all of your photos! One day my photos will have that!


Glad things ultimately worked out. I fell down in the unhappy mom/wife dungeon lately. Nobody loves me, they never do anything nice for me, I'm the world's kick-me dog . . . And it's hard to get out. I'm not really a "roll with it" kind of person. You need some bright spots to make up for the sewage spills of life!

Ree Lynn (Reelynn)

How do you keep the sand from getting into your camera? And what do you carry your camera in when you go out and about?

Andrea Katolin

Looks like a lovely day. I can totally relate with the expectations piece. My dad says "happiness equals expectations minus reality." It's so true for me but still so hard to keep those expectations in check.


Does anyone ever get in the ocean? lol Love it!!!

Sue Tonga

Karen, I don't comment often enough because I usually read your posts through my email and unfortunately they don't include the photos. When I do click on the link to come to the blog, I am always blown away. Your photos just make me so happy! Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I love how honest you are and how not everything is perfect. Isn't it always the way that we have expectations and sometimes things just don't go to plan. It the same in my household too! xx


You have made me fall in love with Oregon over the years. I went there from the East Coast this past May because of your photos, and your blog. I loved it and can't wait to go back!

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