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See..the fighting wasn't your kids fault! It's Josh's fault!


Aww, love the beach pics! And that old red cooler in your car brought back lots of memories! We had a green one growing up! Haven't seen one in years!

Julie Pilch

Oh Karen I totally know where you are coming from! We have just returned from a holiday where my children spent a large part of it being cranky and arguing over much the same as yours, it really put a dampener on the whole holiday for me which I find really sad. But there were lovely times and I will treasure those. I absolutely loved your beach shots, they are so crystal clear are you using a new lens? Sending you best wishes xxx


where is this magical place where children don't fight and ice cream is served? will it exist if I try to find it? but seriously, what beach is this? love these shots! my girls are currently loving the wave jumping....

Rachel Millington

Wow, some absolutely stunning pictures there Karen, I am blown away!


We were just in Newport for several days...on the beach....I would have been over the moon if I would have seen you! What a beautiful fact the entire state of Oregon stole my heart. Heartwarming photos reflecting so many memories. What an extra fun post for me since it was familiar territory to me. Wonderful raising the kiddos and of course your talented photography.


Somedays it seems like all my kids do is fight. drives me crazy!!! And then in an instant they are best friends.


LOVELY beach shots! The bridge in the back ground is pretty neat!
Because my kids are 6 years apart, we have never known fighting and arguing. Or maybe it's for another reason, I don't really know. But just yesterday, my youngest got to witness my friend's kids bickering and was so appalled by it. "My brother never did stuff like that, we are BBF's!" and it made my heart swell!
The good thing is that even though they bicker and get on each other's nerves, they forgive and forget fast.

Andrea :)

Karen, your beach shots are amazing! So lovely! Big hugs on all the sibling fight... It happens around here too! All. The. Time! :)

laura j

the beach photos are the sand dunes!


You need those rare moments to wipe out all the times you think about eating your young. My day has been that way today!

Traci B.

Good taste in novels Cole! I just finished that one myself yesterday!


OMG, I love that lighthouse!


Love that we're not the only ones who Do you love your car, Nellie? I got one a few months ago and I love it. Much smaller than the Tahoe's that I'm used to, but the gas mileage is awesome and it's so high tech!! Still haven't figured it all out yet and probably never will! Cheers!!!

Anita G.

Love that you had such a wonderful, memorable time at the beach! And my girls fought like cats and dogs when they were little! The beach pictures are great! :)

Kelli Rootes

I love how you write about how real siblings can be. I have a 4 year old and 3 year old with another about 3 weeks away! They both fight non stop at the moment and I think is this ever going to end? At least you write about the real life and that there are moments of friendship and peace, like with my two. All of a sudden they are playing together, laughing and chatting to each other. I guess it's these moments we have to cherish. Thanks Karen!

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