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You are filling your family's souls with beauty and peace! Beautiful photos!
And - coming from Texas - I'm a bit envious of your ability to camp in such fabulous places in the middle of the summer! I even saw a long-sleeved shirt or two!
So, basically, in awe! Thank you for sharing!

Juli P

I will now make a point of getting my camera out of the bag when we go camping again in August!
Thanks for sharing these. The photos of Cole and Annie together are truly priceless!


Love your photos, as usual! I really want to know where you got your Peace Love Beer t-shirt from though!?


Can I just say your photos are fabulous!


These images {the whole series} is just amazing. Do you still edit mostly in LR? You mentioned one day offering presets {It was a while back} will you be offering those? I'm trying to switch over from photoshop to lightroom, and would love to find some clean presets...actually I'd just like to have all my images turn out like these :) Love every single shot.


It looks like such a lovely camping trip! The scenery, and the lighting!
Where did you get those divided plate/trays! I need them!

Heather S

Where did you go???? I want to go there!!!!!


All wonderful pictures!!

Audrey V

FABULOUS photos! Awesome way to capture the essence of a camping trip, what a beautiful place!


My fav spot on the Earth. Hope to get back up in the next month. Do you ever go swim at Foster Creek? Up the highway a ways. Great fishing/swimming hole. I was driving behind Josh and the kids on Thursday. I thought it was them and then the Beavers sticker verified ;)

Colleen Barron

Karen, I love looking at the beautiful pictures of your camping trips and your family. I'm really glad to see you in front of the camera! Love your work.


Hi Karen, Looks like a wonderful camping trip once again! Would you mind sharing where in Oregon this was and which camp ground? Would love to take my family there... It looks beautiful!


I totally drool over your photos! So impressed every single time I see anything you do! Thanks for the inspiration!


Ahhhh! This makes me want to go camping STAT! Now to just get the husband on board...

Karen... your photos... gaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

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