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LOVE the mermaid pic!


I didn't think it could get any better...and DID! You are a master! What beautiful, photos. Happy 4th...and "everything" to each of you!


The photo of Yans doing the mermaid? PRICELESS!!!

Heather B

I love that Cole is constantly reading. I always had and have a book with me too. I feel a kinship to all readers.

Juli P

We went camping for the 4th and I never took my camera out of the bag, photographer fail!
you guys make it look easy, the whole camping thing!
how do you do it? we seem to have a campsite full of crap! and that's why I don't get my camera out!


Looks like a good time was had by all. Oh yeah, you make candids look so effortless. Simply beautiful.


Great pics! You didn't go out on the lake this year? One of these 4th's we are going to run into each other!:)

anonymous camper

Your pictures are just beautiful. What memories you capture. The one thing...I just gotta say it...sorry, don't use a tablecloth on the dirty, grungy, animal toilet & algae covered picnic tables...gross. You don't know what has happened on there and to eat off it and have your dishes and food on it like that...ew.yuck.sorry but a cheap plastic reusable one would be so much safer.


The 'anonymous camper' comment had me laughing. I don't see any food actually touching the table, but hey, each to their own.
I love your camping trip photos!


Loooooove these!!! And your fireworks pics are awesome!!!! <3


Your photos are fabulous.


Some of your best pics!! You guys know how to camp. :)

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