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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Well, hope Deedle is OK, for Annie's sake. Tell your husband there is not much tea tree oil isn't good for. And don't forget the poster I emailed you last year where the kiddos get to check things off. ( But my favorite part of this post? That even though the kids are getting big way too fast, they always look just a little younger when they are sleeping. Especially Cole. What a group of cuties you have Karen!

Kathy C.

Hope Deedle is okay! Cole sleeps in a hammock? How COOL is that!!! Not sure how I missed that if you've blogged about it before!


Great pics! G has a half day tomorrow and then summer begins!


I hope Deedle Dee is alright!
I was using stevia for my sweetener, it's the only thing I could have that was sweet and after 3 months I had a severe rash possibly because of it The naturopath tested it and I am sensitive to it. She had just received some info on stevia that said some are sensitive to it. So now it's maple syrup for me. It's not bad in my coffee. Better than I thought. I use it in baking now, much easier to use than stevia for baking.


I use oils as well - and my husband ALWAYS tells me to go get my VooDoo kit! :) I Love that I am not the only wife being made fun of for trying to healthfully heal their family! :) Hope the rat is OK. I remember my little brother coming in my room when I was about 9 telling me his pet guinea pig was "sleeping really hard". I still tease him about that when someone passes away.... no... they are just sleeping really hard. Matty Boy! :) Happy Summer!! As a mom and teacher - SUMMER ROCKS!


Neosporin is our house remedy. Like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Hope Deedle is okay. Our summer starts Monday and the first thing I'm doing is dumping my kid for a lunch meeting. Hopefully it goes up from there!


Have a spray bottle of water/tea tree oil I am always spraying on my dogs for something. I'm convinced it would cure just about any ailment.


Wow -- does Cole always sleep in a hammock? - fascinating!

Robyn :)

When I had a pet rat it had a stroke or something similar and could only walk in a circle. I took it to the vet and they gave me medicine to put in his water. It made him better and he lived about another year! He still kind of leaned to his left a little though.

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