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Ah...beautiful photos...and great memories of the love of your family. to listen!!
Enjoy the rest of your week.


Oh Karen, I am sure you were a wonderful Mom (not perfect, as none of us are, but I am sure you were a great mom!) to Ross. (Sending you hugs.) I can completely relate as I have a daughter not much older than Ross that is out on her own. Thankfully, she lives in the same town. Still don't see her much with her work and her social life. But just knowing she is here. Anyway.. I am off to bed and I couldn't leave this til tomorrow. From all I have read and seen in photos, Ross loves his Mama very much.

Patricia Ellis

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jake Bugg!!! And Broken is my favorite song. I've listened 14times in a row too. I love the whole album. This guy is fabulous. I saw a clip on one of those silly talk shows recently. He just wants to stay a quite guy right now but more people from the states are discovering him:) I'm going to guess Marilou told you about him(?) ;-) Enjoy some more. Looks like a memorable vacation. xx
patricia ellis


Busted, Patricia!!! I LOVE that song. Sometimes, I just NEED to hear it. So glad you sent it my way. SNOW in Spring?? NOT moving from Miami EVER.


Karen, you are an amazing mom. Sometimes, we just gotta do things. Your love for him is so evident, even just through your photography. He knows you've got his back. He knows you love him. You did such a good job that he is surviving in a whole other city - independence is the best gift we can give our kids. And he TEXTED you. That's the dead giveaway, right there!

tanya webster

Ross has better taste in music than you :)

but i love you so much so there's that too :)


Lisa Gibson

More AMAZING music recommendations from the DJ duo!

I wish you two would publish your playlists ….


Jake Bugg has a cute name and a really neat voice!
You worry too much about being a good mom. Have you met your kids? They are awesome little people! Those kind of kids only come from good parents!

michelle t

This is a great blog. I just discovered you today. I'm very honored to read here, as you are an awesome person and have inspired me several times in a half hour. Thank you for that. You are an amazing mom too. And I love your photography. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos. Bookmarked your blog. Thanks again.
Michelle t

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