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What a lucky young lady - to have two mothers AND a dad who all adore her. Happy birthday Courtney Lee! Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Doris D.

This is just the sweetest picture ever. Happy Birthday Countney Lee. You have grown into a lovely young lady who is fortunate to have a family who loves and cares for you. Enjoy your day.


Happy Birthday Courtney Lee! Beautiful and sweet (with perfect eyebrows)!!! Enjoy your pre-teen year!!!! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY pretty girl! Enjoy your special day!


Happy Birthday Courtney Lee! I have watched you grow through this blog and you have gone from the cute little 3 year old to a beautiful 12 year old! May you have a blessed and wonderful year!


Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!


Sending you big Birthday Wishes for a happy, happy day Courtney!!!!!!


Happy Birthday, Courtney Lee! I've been watching you grow through the blog and meeting you was such a treat! You are such a sweet caring soul! I hope you have the best day!


You have such a special relationship with her and I love to hear it. I have 2 stepchildren and I have nothing like that with them.

Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!! It's so sweet to watch you and the rest growing up!!!


Happy Birthday Courtney!! Have a fun birthday... God Bless you sweet girl!


Beautiful words, Karen (sniff). She's blessed to have you in her life.
Happy birthday Courtney Lee!


Happy birthday Courtney Lee :)


Oh, she is such a cutie!


Gosh, I have loved seeing her grow up....and you know one of the best things that is evident and shines through all your she has grown...her heart has grown into a loving and caring young lady. What a wonderful celebration. Looking forward to sharing many more years of a wonderful young lady

Andrea :)

Happy Belated Birthday, Courtney! What a lovely, warm and kindhearted young lady you are. I still have the sweet note that you wrote from the HTW. Hope that you had a magical, special day! :)

Julie Pulch

Happy Birthday Courtney! Can't believe she is 12 already xxxx

Jen Fike

Happy Birthday Courtney! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Nicky from Okotoks

Happy Birthday beautiful Courtney!!!

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