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Nancy B.

I did not know about this until you posted this. THANK YOU for doing that. I'm going to stay up to date on this issue and hopefully a lot of us will do more than marking our hand for one day.

Conni M

I had no idea (see what a sheltered life I live?) -- am so inspired by you. I

Nicky from Okotoks

Thank you for sharing and spreading the word.


I'm with Nancy B on this one, Karen. Thank you for helping spread the word (and the work). This is lighting a fire inside of me and I feel like we (my family, especially) need to be involved.


By the way, I did end up sharing the link to on my Facebook page, as well as changing my profile picture to my hand with a red X. I've also been researching how to get involved in local chapters of different organizations dedicated to bringing an end to human trafficking.


Thank you for posting this Karen. I have a daughter who is one month younger than Annie and I can't even imagine the thought of her being trafficked. You are making a difference by bringing this to our attention.

Bob's Juice

Human beeings are so animals in some moments!Thank you for sharing!


you must be talking about Becky:) I graduated with her from GP :)

Carri Cozzens

This was like a knife to my heart. This issue is dear to me because I have grandchildren who, but for a few hundred years, (my daughter has two adopted African American children) could very likely have grown up in slavery. Beautiful, smart, wonderful children that, a hundred or so years ago, would have been counted as 3/5ths of a human being in the ownership of another human being. And it took a war to overcome that kind of thinking. I proudly drew a big red X on my hand and posted on both my Instagram account and my blog.

Maria Glazener

Karen, I had heard about human trafficking, but had no idea how wide spread it was. I posted a photo on my blog and on Facebook. Thanks for sharing this important topic.


Yes. Awful. I am so glad that this is getting more attention. It is sickening to think about the situation, the people who profit from it, and how far it is from being obliterated. With more and more awareness and media and groups like this getting the word out, hopefully changes will be made and people will be saved from this horrific fate.


Check out #standwithme, the inspiring documentary film made by It's about how one person can make a difference, and features Vivienne Harr, the 9-year-old girl from Fairfax, CA, who sold lemonade every day for an entire year to free child slaves (and inspired a movement!), and Lisa Kristine, the photographer who travels the world taking photos to tell "deeply human stories and inspire change." The small film crew traveled the world to film this story, and it is powerfully and beautifully done (as is everything Stillmotion does). The film is touring the US right now: (I am not connected with them in any way, just someone who is inspired by their integrity, vision, and "realness," and a fan of their storytelling and exquisite videography.) They embraced Vivienne's goal as their own - to end child slavery in her lifetime.

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