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Utterly enjoyable. The expressions captured throughout the night were amazing. Gave me a big smile!


Your family is awesome! This post just put a smile on my face this morning :)


PRICELESS! Your family looks like so much fun!! And I'm loving that crazy little dog :)


Love the photo with the pup and shot!

So how does one play asshole??

Wish my family was as fun as your's!!


words cannot describe how awesome these pictures are! the warmth, and humor and LOVE that was in your Uncle Brad's home on Christmas most have been amazing if i can feel it just by looking at them. (as for the blurry pics, sometimes life is actually blurry, especially when you are playing a drinking game called asshole :) <3 Nicole

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

you guys are so cute! looks like lots of fun!


OMG! Your family is fun!


Wonderful photos, they made me smile this morning. I'd love to know how to play said game and I would like to invite myself to Uncle Brad's place someday. Fun party! My guys started a new Christmas Eve's Eve tradition this year. Love the hat idea and may bring that to the tradition next year. As their mother I was a bit scared. ;)


Please Karen.... How does one play asshole? Must have the rules to that game. Please and thank you.

Lisa Adair

I love these! My family tend to be card playing fools at the holidays, so, thinking I need the rules to this game!


Oh my goodness I love all of these! I just want to be a fly on the wall at one of your family get togethers! So fun!


OMG, I want to be in your family! You always look like you are having a blast! Thanks for sharing.

Kelli Williams

Omg hilarious! Ross in the hat and fur! And Jesse Ray! Too cute!


LOL KAREN!! I really enjoyed this post and slightly miffed you didn't have us play A$$ho!e at the HTW! On second thought, it's probably better we didn't - anymore laughter and sharing and we might have never left! So happy to see you - even if it was only a sneak peak! love you - Happy New Year!!!

Yvonne C

Loved your pictures! Looked like you were having a great time as usual. I am wondering if asshole is anything like president and asshole? That is a crazy fun drinking game we play. The winner is the president and the loser is the asshole. Glad you had a fabulous Christmas!


Too damn funny!!!!1 Love your family!!! :)


Not only do I love your blog (and have for a very long time) and want to take your photography class (one of these days I will GET how to shoot in that dang Manual Mode with a toddler!), but now I want to come to your holiday gatherings to play Asshole with your family, who includes Ross, who I swear should still be like NINE YEARS OLD! I can't believe he's old enough to drink! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is one I visit for an uplifting experience during my week. :)

becky d.

So I googled the is also know as Presidents, lol! Love seeing the joy your family has in just being together and having fun.

theresa grdina

Thanks for the laugh this morning!! It was hysterical looking at these photos.....


Karen-I think these are the most hysterical pics you have ever posted! I am dying laughing. Sammy kissing the dog with the shot glass is...I most favorite pic you have ever posted! Love that dog!!
It looks like so much fun to be in your family.

Erica Hettwer

My husband's family plays Presidents & Assholes on Christmas Eve every year! It's a fun tradition!


I'm just gonna come live with you and attend all your holiday get-togethers from here on out, k? Love it!!


O. M. G. What a night we had... too much fun. Thanks for posting cuz!


so great in so many ways! Just want to tell you about Telestrations, it's a cross between the old telephone game and Pictionary. It's our go to family/party game!

mandy does your cousin work @ the DB stand in the shopping center on G st? It was bugging me trying to figure out why he was familiar! lol. looks like a fun game:)

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