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I'm so happy to here this!

Wendy Molnar

I know what you mean - I was so excited when my son flew in for Christmas and he's 23. It never gets old. Good luck with your new Photographer's workshop. I was lucky to take the very first series you offered and you will be happy to know I still refer to my binder of class lessons from time to time. Thanks for that.

janel just isn't Christmas without the kids at home! My happiest moments are when they are both under my and sound...and Santa is on his way! Mine are 30 and 27......Still magical, and wonderful...even after all these years! So happy for you.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I'm glad he made it home! And I love Annie in her dance leotard - I remember being little and not caring if my lips were going to turn blue, I wanted to wear THAT DRESS even though it was for summer. I bet it was days before she wanted to take it off!

Jodi T (Robin W's friend from ND)

Yay! So happy for you!! And I agree, Christmas will never be the same without the kiddos around, no matter the age!

pam boudreaux

So happy you could enjoy Christmas with all of your children. One of mine couldn't make it this year, but she's coming home this weekend for the whole week! The Christmas tree is still up, waiting for her.


Oh Karen, you are so right. It doesn't feel like Christmas unless they are home. While my 25 yr. old doesn't live as far away as Ross, there are times she hasn't come. It just wasn't the same. The first few after she moved out took a little getting used to as well. I am glad he did.


My guys were all home this year. It just feels so good to have them home. I am happy for you and for Ross that he was able to come home. It's just the best when they are home!


No matter how old they look at their mugs and see 3 or 12 or 18 and fall in love with them each time you see them...glad he made it home.


You are correct no matter how old they get it just doesn't feel right if they are not home for the holidays. Holly was able to get to come home for two days and I cherished every minute! Congrats


I agree--Christmas is pretty much the only time my 20 year old son makes it home since he moved away 2 years ago--and the holiday just wouldn't be the same without him....So glad Ross made it home too!


Aww, Happy for y'all!!! :)


Awww…I love it. What a great Christmas gift.

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