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Looks like a good time was had by all! Love that hug photo of Cole and Courtney - priceless! Thanks for sharing these!


i love the puppy! haha!


Love that hanging chair....and I have a husband and 2 sons who love Nerf wars!!! Darts everywhere......Happy new year!


Good job on the puppy!
ok...I gotta know...when Courtney is putting on her slippers...what's up with the looks on Cole and Annie's faces?

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

That is too too cute! I loved these all! Their expressions are priceless, and as always, you captured them perfectly! Ladies - if you haven't already - sign up for Karen's class! It's the best!

Kelly B

It is so nice to see recycling of ye old USPS flat rate boxes. They really are great sizes for wrapping! So, I have to ask what was in the box with the big heart that I believe for Mom & Dad (can't remember your nicknames, but think that was on the heart...)


Oh brother, Emily wants a hanging chair! I love that one!
I love the faces of the other kids as the one kid opens their presents! So comical!

Sue Tonga

How lovely to share in your Christmas morning Karen. So special.

Jennifer S

I love evry single shot - what a loving happy bunch! Very close to norman rockwell, with a little humor added in!


Okay, so glad I'm not the only one breaking federal law and using USPS shipping boxes for something other than USPS shipping. I have a ton of those boxes for shipping stuff and always use them at Christmas. My kids always exclaim over their gifts from the Post Office when they open a gift in a shipping box!!!

tammy kay

Great pictures as always! I was wondering if you could post or maybe email me a book list of some of the books that your son loves? My boys are 12 and I'm trying to find great books for them to read. I'm sure your son has favorites. If you find the time could you pass those along? I'd appreciate it! In return we love audios too. Two of my favorite audios ever are by Lamplighter and they are the Basket of Flowers and The Hedge of Thorns. They are very Christ centered and are worth every penny! You will not be dissapointed. Make sure you get the dramatic audios. Blessings!

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