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Shannon L

Love it! Can't wait to see the rest! Ross has to share his pics too! :) Looks like it was a great time and I'm so glad Ross made it home!!!


Your family always looks like great fun! Love the b&w dog pic too!


What a great family. :)


What fun times together. That hat is just classic! Can't wait to see more.

Janet Knox

I love that Ross is following in your footsteps as a photographer. I bet he will be great at it.


Ross is probably scratching his head about now wondering why his pics come out so blurry compared to yours! lol

Love your family, Nellie!!! :)


What a fun bunch!
I love how happy Annie looks about her nail polish! I think I made the same face when I got my OPI stuff! I gave Shaun's Gf the 007 set in her stocking.


PLEASE share- how do you play A@%hole? what are the rules, how many people can play etc? I wanna know everything cause we LUV new (drinking) games!!! :) :) can just send the info to me if you don't wanna share openly.
:0 :)

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