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Looks like a fun game!!! Great shots, as always! I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving, Karen!!


It looks like Team Down's had another winning, championship wonderful kind of day....and team Russell scored big with her fabulous photography.
LOVE it!! Thanks again for sharing you loves.

Shannon L

Looks like a great time and I'm envious that you guys are in shorts! I live in snow country in Upstate NY :) Can't wait for more Thanksgiving pics! Thanks for sharing!


Your family get togethers are always a riot!:)


I have to experience family get-togethers through your blog now Karen... not as fun as being there! BUT I can imagine all the fun through everyone's expressions! Our men and boys are so handsome! Love you cuz. ~Roshelle

Anna from RI

What a great start, great pics, great fun shines through. I said out loud, "OMG… shorts!?". It's warm up the car before going anywhere weather here… brrr! Thanks for sharing Karen :) Hugs!

tamara dunkin

thank you. i LOVE your action shots.
on a side note, was that photo of a dark-haired beauty in a long-sleeve navy shirt your sweet, "little" courtney lee? if so, i foresee your future with her in her mid-teens and you are IN. TROUBLE! she looks so mature in that photo!
and if it's NOT Courtney Lee, then someone else at your table for Thanksgiving was Courtney Lee's Doppleganger!!!

Jen Fike

Jealous of your warm weather! We are getting a big storm tomorrow and its gonna be -10 by this Friday!!! I love all of your pictures! It looks like you all had a great time. I was surprised you didn't have a picture of Josh's sexy calves ;).

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