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How stinkin' cute is your sister...
and you!
Love the family pics!


Goodness..I love these...thanks for sharing! What a wonderful capture of your family. Love the kisses, love the fun, love the nametag, love the teasing, LOVE the dancing, love the table setting, just plain love. You just have no idea how precious every shot is going to be in ten years.....even more precious than they are now. You are the best....the very best. So much history in these photos.


I love that picture of you and Josh Downs (the black and white one). Amazing!


Karen...I admire your ablility to capture personalities and relationships in your photos. There is always a story even to a stranger!!! You always make me smile!!!

Kim P

Wow, what wonderful pictures. I just love 'em all. Such a great family you have - from youngest to oldest.


I love the group shot!


Love them all...but especially love the b/w of you and Josh. xo :)


I love your family pics!! And I love your JADITE!! (Must. Have.)


Beautiful memories and beautiful pictures....better late than never. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Lisa Bracale

Your sister looks great. I love how you capture the shots. There is much love in your family.

soldes supra

May I ask where this is? It is so beautiful

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